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Silicon Power Will Soon Release 4 PCIe SSDs, Up To 2700-1400MB/s

Komal Tahir



Silicon Power Will Soon Release 4 PCIe SSDs, Up To 2700-1400MB/s

Silicon Power is an upcoming brand in the United States. The company have announced recently about their new 4 PCIe SSDs. The range of their product is M.2, 3.0 x4. The price of these PCIe SSDs is very affordable for everyone. Even they are cheap from the 3.0 x2 models. If you are not familiar with this product then you must have a look at these new silicon powers.


Silicon Power Will Soon Release 4 PCIe SSDs, Up To 2700-1400MB/s

Silicon Power Announces P34A80, P34M85, P32A80 And Many More

Silicon Power also announced about their innovative product line. Their expertise, features, and upgrades are fabulous. All these products are upgraded with the heat sink.

The capacity of these Silicon Power devices provides a new level of experience and performance. They also support the faster interface. The speed of their product line matches the mainstream of SSDs which we think is very impressive and completely genius.

Well, the company during the testing of their product line found that these items can get head up real quick. The heating of the 4 PCIe SSDs caused malfunctioning. The devices used to slow down which was a real threat to the company or their brand image. The developers of this product line added the heat sink and now the company provides guarantee that their products are free from any overheating.

Silicon Power Will Soon Release 4 PCIe SSDs, Up To 2700-1400MB/s

Silicon Power team says that our products mostly benefits the gaming fans or the people who are the part of graphics or IT. ‘This is a big market and we aim to produce the fastest and innovative product line for our customers to get ahead with the technology’. Everyone is excited to see their new offerings with multiple features and upgrades. The P32M85 and P34M85 provide 5 years warranty with ultimate customer support. The customer support will look after the buyers of these products to safeguard them from any issue or confusion to use the product. Even if you have the slightest issue in the performance of the P32M85 and P34M85, the company will be responsible for that.

Pricing Of The Silicon Power Product Line:

The pricing is still not disclosed to the public or the media. The company said, “We will soon provide our customers with further details about our product line as we are on the end of our project to be complete”. Stay tuned for further updates as we are trying to get our hands on the prices.

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