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Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Change Clothes in The Game

Komal Tahir



Can’t make sense of how to change garments in Red Dead Redemption 2? It’s in reality truly straightforward. In any case, there is a long way to go when you first begin playing Red Dead Redemption 2. So it is reasonable that you may miss a few things. Gratefully, we are here to deal with it. Read on to discover how to change out your outfits in Red Dead Redemption 2 now!


Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Change Clothes in The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Why Attire Matters

There are really a couple of motivations to put on something else in Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • You are moving from a hot atmosphere to a chilly atmosphere or the other way around. Wearing the correct garments ensures your Health Core.
  • You need to change the impression you make on characters around you.
  • You simply need to look more boss.
  • There are bunches of cutting-edge customization choices. So take the full favorable position of them!

Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Change Clothes in The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Step by step instructions to Change Your Outfits

Presently we have discussed why you should need to switch equips in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, how would you really do it? You can utilize both of the strategies underneath. Make a beeline for camp. There you can get to the Wardrobe. In the Wardrobe, you can look through your outfits and select them. Make certain to look to the base of the Wardrobe menu. Here you can see whether you have picked an outfit which is fitting for the atmosphere. Get the outfit from your steed. Either situate yourself up on your seat or remain alongside your pony. Press LB or L1. The Weapon Wheel will open. Press RB or R1. The Horse menu will open. You would now be able to put on something else.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Change Clothes in The Game

Simply ensure that before you take off into the world, you exchange what you need from your Wardrobe to your pony. That way it will be convenient when you require it, and you won’t need to come back to camp. Need more tips? Look at all our Red Dead Redemption 2 guides.

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