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A top player in Fortnite was banned from the Champion Series following a stream sniping incident


After an incident with a stream sniper during the Fortnite Champion Series, popular Fortnite streamer Clix was temporarily banned from competitive play. Over the past couple of years, the competitive Fortnite scene has exploded, and Epic Games has done its best to ensure that it remains entertaining and accessible for all players. Competitive Fortnite swiftly became a lot more serious ordeal as the stakes of its competitions climbed with the introduction of large-scale tournaments and substantial monetary awards. Players were taken aback when the schedule for this year’s Fortnite Champion Series was released, revealing a total prize pool of $10 million for the tournament’s finest duos.

Since the FNCS is the most important competitive Fortnite tournament of the year and the prize pool is so large, most professional players devote as much time as possible to training and strategizing before the competition begins. You must learn the ins and outs of the game, like where to land for the best chance of survival and loot, how to change the map, and where to find ammo and chests. The competition for this year has already begun, and we are now halfway through Major Week 2. A popular streamer, however, will not be participating in the subsequent chapter. Clix has been banned after accusations of collusion in a recent Solo Cash Cup by Epic Games. A player who seemed to be stream sniping approached Clix during a Solo Cash Cup match.

When Clix caught on to what was going on, he began warning the offending player to drop their supplies and hurl a Chug Splash (a healing item that can be thrown) or else Clix “would get them banned.” The stream sharpshooter unleashes a Chug Splash, restoring 14 HP and restoring Clix’s shield to full health. In addition, the player will leave behind the rare Game Time Fortnite Reality Augment’s exclusive healing item, Pizza Party. Clix benefited from both choices, as his wounds were cured and he gained access to a potent new item. A balanced game would have them either ignoring one another or fighting. Clix went on to defeat his opponents and take first place in the $100 solo tournament.

Some viewers were furious that he gained in-game advantage from this exchange and felt that the second-place player should have received the money rather than him, despite his assertions that he merely asked for the things to prove that his opponent was stream sniping. Epic Games contacted Clix after the Fortnite broadcast sniping incident went public and banned him from competitive gaming for two weeks. He was also barred from competing in the FNCS LAN tournament in Copenhagen and the upcoming FNCS season. There are others who think Epic Games was too hard on the players. Famous Fortnite streamers like SypherPK have spoken out, saying that this must be an example to deter similar incidents in the future. A fan favorite to take home the title was disqualified from two FNCS tournaments due to an unfortunate series of events.