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Are Summer Campers Vulnerable to the Deadly Ticks?


Are Summer Campers Vulnerable to the Deadly Ticks?

What is it about?

With the onset of the summer season many camps have decided to go to the country side and have some fun. With the camps being set up outdoors, there are a number of factors which the campers must make a note of. One of the most serious factors is the mosquito bites and ticks. It can be really dangerous and can not only be painful but deadly. Let us discuss the number of cases that have been reported till date in America and what are the protective measures?


During the period of 2010 to 2014, seven to eight campers have shown the symptoms of getting punctured by ticks that in turn made them positive to the Lyme disease. This disease is caused by a virus and is very dangerous.

Research conducted on this topic showed that there is a constant risk of being bitten by the bugs and ticks as the environment is not immune to all these pests. Moreover, there are continuous allegations being put upon the Donald trump government alleging that the government is not concerned about the climate change. It is doing less to make the environment pest free by reducing the grant to the departments.


The American camp association that is responsible for organizing the majority of the camps in the area came out with a solution. Ivy oaks analytics became the company under the leadership of Isiah Ham that sprayed pesticides in the perimeters of the camp after its set up and also started guiding the campers on the ways in which they can prevent a site where there is risk of mosquito breeding or tick bites.

These measures are going to be increased and the center for disease control and prevention is also trying to get more grants from the defending government to curb the problem in toto.

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