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Atom 1.38.2


Atom is a word processor that is present day, congenial, yet hackable profoundly—an apparatus you can alter to do anything other than likewise use gainfully while never contacting a config document. Molecule comes pre-introduced with four UI and eight linguistic structure topics in both dim and light hues. In the event that you can’t discover what you’re searching for, you can likewise introduce topics made by the Atom people group or make your own.

Atom encourages you to compose code quicker with a keen, adaptable autocomplete. Effectively peruse and open a solitary record, an entire task, or various undertakings in a single window.

Utilizing the default modules, the accompanying dialects are bolstered in some angle as of v1.5.1: HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, GitHub Flavored Markdown, C/C++, C#, Go, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, JSON, CoffeeScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, shell content, Clojure, Perl, Git, Make, Property List (Apple), TOML, XML, YAML, Mustache, Julia and SQL.

Atom 1.38.2

Atom 1.38.0 remarkable changes​:

#18471 – Toggle remark cursor arrangement.

#19136 – “Open record” in the existing window.

#19138 – Calculate env vars when propelling Atom from the work area.

#18499 – Support contentRegex for TextMate syntax.

#19206 – Set the board banner as engaged when actuate() is called.

#19192 – Fix reset-text dimension.

#18705 – Enable autoFocus choice to acknowledge a component to concentrate on sheet creation.

#19231 – Skip dev mode windows when picking a current window for open activity.

#19272 – Improve situating when opening record at the line.

#19280 – Fix when it has no contentions.

#19279 – Improve treatment of remark characters in ERB and EJS.

#19354 – Wait for config record to the stack before provoking to restart in config.onDidChange callback

iota/fluffy finder#383 – Handle effectively comparative outcomes from different activities.

molecule/fluffy finder#385 – Make sure that the cursor position is focused subsequent to exploring to a line.

molecule/markdown-preview#559 – Stop utilizing roaster for rendering markdown.

molecule/tree-view#1180 – Add UI for moving clashing passages.

molecule/language-go#156 – Add support for Go module and checksum records.

iota/language-html#227 – Improve remark taking care of in EJS and ERB.

iota/language-hyperlink#27 – permit single coordinating parens.

iota/language-javascript#644 – Allow collapsing switch_default.

iota/language-json#68 – Add tree-sitter json punctuation.

iota/language-json#73 – Scope connect as a string and include scope for ”

molecule/language-python#288 – Add more extensions to the tree-sitter punctuation.

particle/language-python#297 – Tokenize formal capacity parameters in tree-sitter punctuation.

particle/language-python#298 – Tokenize subclass rundown names in tree-sitter syntax.

molecule/language-python#300 – Allow collapsing if explanation without elif or something bad might happen.

Changes in Atom 1.38.1:

  • Fixed an accident when utilizing Tree Sitter punctuations on forms on macOS forms before 10.12. (#19497)
  • Fixed a relapse in JSON linguistic structure featuring that connected hyperlink styling to non-hyperlinks iota/language-json#76
  • language-json
  • v1.0.2…v1.0.4

Atom 1.38.2 changelog:

  • Fixed a relapse in window:reset-text dimension that did not permit resetting to the default size.
  • Atom Core
  • v1.38.1..v1.38.2
  • Atom/atom#19528 – Assign originalFontSize when the Workspace is introduced

Download: Atom 1.38.2 (32-bit) | Standalone | ~200.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Atom 1.38.2 (64-bit) | Standalone
Links: Atom Home Page | Release Notes

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