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What is autoimmune protocol diet (AIP diet) – All you need to know


autoimmune protocol diet


The medical condition in which body’s immune system attacks its own cell considering as non-self or foreign invaders is referred to an autoimmune disorder. It is among top ten diseases that cause fatality in females under 60 years for example in multiple sclerosis, our immune system mistakenly combats and damage our nervous system. Crohn’s diseases affect our gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland suffers in case of thyroiditis. Inflammation is the most common symptom of an autoimmune disorder. And the worst thing about these disorders is there is no cure available.
AIP (autoimmune protocol diet) is a new dietary approach to combat and reduce inflammation created by the immune system. This diet is geared toward gut healing and repairing mucosa damage. As there is no cure for autoimmune disorders, so all you can do to fend off frustrating symptoms is modify your diet adopt lifestyle changes for availing long-term benefits. Here is the reason what AIP diet does to you.

AIP diet is a restrictive and strict version of a paleo diet.

1. Cut back on trigger foods: this diet is basically elimination focused. Its goal is to eliminate trigger foods to put your body into remission.

2. Leaky gut treatment: In the leaky gut, small holes are formed in your intestine, causing food to leak directly into the blood. This leaked content triggers the immune system and leads to autoimmune disorders. AIP diets promote healing of leaky gut.

3. It is aimed to incorporate vitamin mineral and omega 3 FA rich foods in your diet to prevent reoccurrence of secondary autoimmune diseases and resets the immune system.

auto immune protocol diet

Foods allowed:

• Coconut and olive oil
• Fermented nondairy products like kefir and kombucha
• All Vegetables except nightshades like tomatoes and potato
• Fruits( only 20 g fructose)
• Bone Broth
• Green tea
• Al fresh and non-seed herbs
• Vinegars
• Honey
• Fresh meat or poultry

Foods not allowed:

• All grains
• Dairy products
• Eggs
• All legumes
• Butter and ghee
• Sugars and artificial sweeteners
• Alcohol
• Food additives
• Industrial seed oils and processed foods.

When it comes to diet there is no one size fits all approach. One diet that work for all may not work for you as everybody is unique in its own way. The take-home point is whatever you do, do it with dedication. Amend your poor lifestyle and pick a food that suits you best. Simply eliminate the troublesome foods that contribute to symptoms.

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