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Blade Runner 2049 Review


Blade Runner 2049 Review

A sequel and a remake of the original movie coming on screen after thirty years and starring the extremely handsome and versatile Ryal Gosling as the protagonist K who is a Blade Runner. The movie portrays identity and memory as being as problematic and questionable as the definition of humanity. Officer K follows a treasure hunt from the bloated Los Angeles dystopic metropolis to San Diego.

With the running time of two hours and above the movie requires the audience to focus on the technicalities and psychological investigation underlying the physical altercations and violence. With brutality kept at a minimum, it is not an action-packed commercial film to devour for those on a lookout for a quick watch. It is an intricate universe expounded for the benefit of an audience it is an ode to the original with scenes ethereally depicting and reminiscing upon the past.

Harrison Ford as a blast from the past Deckard too comes forth on the screen with an impeccable performance clearly depicting that he stepped out of his comfort zone for the role. A race ensues where memory and identity are configured and where the artificial and the organic are at a war.

Despite the visual appeal and the spectacular acting by the cast including Jared Leto as somewhat of an antagonist, and Niander Wallace, the movie flopped at the box office. According to the director Ridley Scott, the financial and box office failure despite the critical acclaim could be accredited to the movie’s length.

But for those who want another glimpse and another taste of the sci-fi universe that Blade Runner gave, Blade 2049 appears as a remnant of the past morphed into the futuristic world.

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