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Congress Calls Apple and Alphabet on Privacy Issues


Congress Calls Apple and Alphabet on Privacy Issues

The US Congress is getting public on their concerns over Public privacy. The house committee on energy and commerce sends a letter to Apple and Google to submit their reply’s over users privacy policy that how the company is protecting the privacy of the users.

On Monday, the house committee sends a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet CEO inquiring the privacy policy of the respective. Many of the questions raised in the letter were about the mobile products like Apple’s iPhone and Alphabet android system made by Alphabet subsidiary google.

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The letter reference concerns the privacy in the manner that mobile devices track their users, where about and traces their location even if their mobile data is turned off. By opening connectivity like Bluetooth, and connecting the phone with WiFi traces the location. Moreover, the Airplane mode doesn’t work properly. Talking in general, what is the purpose of the notification that appears in Apple’s iPhone that “opening of WiFi will improve your location accuracy”. What if one wants to connect with WiFi and doesn’t want his/her location to be disclosed? Do such companies offer any of the alternates of it?

The letters also touched the on the ability of the third-party apps to collect data, microphones embedded in Smartphones and Gmail access to third-party developers.

The Congress has been very active since the fluctuation on Privacy by Facebook, the CEO was allegedly found guilty for selling privacy to the Trump’s administration for his Presidential election campaigning purpose.

Lawmakers asked the company to submit their reply’s by July 23. Apple declined to comment on the issue where Alphabet didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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