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How to Cope with Depression with 5 Simple Home Remedies


How to Cope with Depression with 5 Simple Home Remedies

Sadness is often confused with depression but there is lots of difference between the two terms. The former term is one of the basic emotion which is the necessary part of what it means to be human and like rest of the emotions, it doesn’t last long and fades away with the passage of time. But the latter term(depression) is not as simple as you may think. Depression is a mood disorder that is persistent unlike sadness and drains your energy, happiness, hope, brutally assaults you,and offers no solace. It’s more like a psychic battle that requires strong actions in order to win against denial, projection and binge eating.

Depression can be cured by drug treatment psychiatric counseling and interactive section but there are some home remedies you can follow to reduce the severity of the condition by yourself.


FDA doesn’t monitor dietary supplement the way they monitor medications. Do adequate research before taking any supplement because you can’t always be certain of side effects. St. John’s wort is a supplement supported by various scientific researches that allow you to take 300mg of St. John’s wort three times a day can help ease mild depression. But remember it is not approved by FDA yet because it interferes with many medications.

It is always advised to avoid self-medication and concern your doctor

Enough sleep:

Researches show that the people who don’t get enough sleep (less than 8 hours) tend to have low serotonin level as compared to the ones who do.

The more you watch TV series and movies the more your mood suffers. So make sure you get enough sleep and try to be productive rather than being a couch potato.

Healthy diet:

  • Never! Never skip your meal
  • Reduce sugar and refined carbs intake and replace refined grains with whole grain

Eat foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin B (citrus fruit, leafy greens, beans, chicken, and eggs) Vitamin B complex deficiency is linked with depression. One tablet of b complex every morning with food can help to lower the depression level

  • Eat fruits with peel and add vegetables to your diet (blueberries, broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, tomato)

Physical activity:

You can reduce depression symptoms with 30- 40 min cardio three times a week. But if you are a beginner, start with simple running or jogging. Even walking is a great way to clear your mind. Engage yourself in physical activities and connect yourself with people in yoga classes or jogging club.


Lifestyle changes can help you gain a whole lot sense of betterment but you can’t neglect to counsel and talk therapy. You can even talk to your close friends or family member. You need to socialize even more and spend quality time with your loved ones rather than isolating yourself.

You can beat it only when you put your own effort!

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