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Dead Cells Release Date Officially Announced for PS4, Xbox, and Switch


Dead Cells is one of the famous games which is available from Steam Early Access. Spending so much time in the Steam Early Access, the news has come out that it will be launching soon for PS4, Xbox, and Switch. It is not only launching, but the release date is also official. Yes, according to sources (the developer team) the official release date of Dead Cells on Xbox, Switch and PS4 are August 7, 2018.

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The developer’s team, Motion Twin says it is an interesting game. It is a unique and one of a kind game. It is unsurprising and also a hard game to play. The game does not have any checkpoints. So, if your character dies in the game, you will have to learn and repeat. It is what makes this game more interesting. Playing it on Xbox and PS4 or Switch will be a good experience for the gamers. The developers also say that it has a great art style. The weapons in the game make it more intense.

Dead Cells Price on Steam:

You can get Dead Cells presently from Early Access on Steam. The price of the game is $24.99 US Dollars. The game’s price will be the same when it launches on Xbox, PS4, Linux, Nintendo Switch, MAC, and PC. The gamers can pre-order the game before its launch. The developers are giving away a 20% discount on the preorders.

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When the game launches, it will include all 13 levels. Each level has a new atmosphere and new foes. The game will have four bosses and will include almost 80 weapons. The game will include four special powers. It will also unlock new arenas and pathways. The game will also include one Daily Run Mode Complete with leaderboards. It will be available for PC version only.

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