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Disgaea 5 Complete: The Legendary RPG Lands on Switch with a lot of Novelties


Disgaea 5 Complete

Disgaea 5 Complete is a tactical RPG game in which it will be necessary to dig a minimum the brains to save the world. No need to run into the pile, your brain will be your best weapon. In its Switch version, Disgaea 5 Complete absorbs its eponymous as well as its DLCs.

 Disgaea 5 Complete has 8 bonus scenarios, all sprinkled with 108 characters, including 4, favorites, adored by fans. The special feature is its transportability.

 History of saving the world, it will be necessary to constitute a small band of adventurers. 40 races and functions, personalized by equipment to recover or to create after a small tour at the Alchemist.

Compared to its previous version, Disgaea 5 Complete has no exception to the rule and has a lot of Japanese humor. The maximum level of each character being fixed at 9999, the title of Nippon Ichi Software offers a great challenge to the players.

 Their training is time-consuming, but the game is worth the effort. The rewards are also there to give you treasures and equipment. New stick in a pocket, go in the history or replay the same level, the choice is yours. Meanwhile, Disgaea 5 Complete is different from its previous version.  

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