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ELLI is Coming to Nintendo Switch In January, 2019

Usman Ali Ramay


ELLI for Nintendo Switch is Coming in January 10, 2019

Platformers are simply amazing games especially if you have them on a handheld system. Bandana Kid has developed this beautiful Unreal Dev Grant Winner, game for the Nintendo Switch eShop. Elli is a puzzle platformer game and is about guiding Elli on her journey through the land of the Mandragora to reclaim the stolen Crystals of Time before her birthday is over.


As I was looking at the trailer, it reminded me of Crash Bandicoot a little but with nicer and more colorful design. Beautiful colors and amazing stages make the game look very appealing. The game is about journey of a young girl who seems to be looking for a stolen crystal. And to get there she has to go through amazing puzzles and changing landscapes.


The game seems to be set in a magical land, the protagonist herself has a blue skin and a staff that seems to be magical. Different camera angels make the game seem more dynamic and the backgrounds and stages seem like they are painted and has a very vibrant feel. Stages include winding paths filled with flames and booby traps and panels moving in and out of walls etc.


The game is a single player adventure filled with a variety of puzzles and exciting platforming. Discover worlds, come across beaches, temples, mountain tops and caverns through your journey. Soothing soundtrack will accompany you throughout the game which will blend in with Elli’s adventures. Collect gems and coins hidden across the game and buy robes, staffs and hats.

The game is a must have since it is on the beloved handheld Nintendo Switch and I for one am getting it for sure when it comes out in January 2019.

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