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Epic is Back with Fortnite’s End Game: Bonus Point for Variety


Fortnite’s End Game

Epic mentioned in the latest blog report on 21st June, Thursday that, the changed and reformed version of Fortnite’s End Game has a lot more to provide for the players as it includes more play styles and a wider extremities of the action of defense, be it positive or negative. It was also stated that the dominance of shotgun and uncapped buildings has made it difficult for other strategies to reach the wanted surface of superiority.

It is in news that the Epic Games are trying to remold and revolutionize the title of their ship in the fleet that carries the commanding admiral, or simply put as, their, flagship.

Why Are The Changes Being Made?

  • The strategy is to keep the game multi-faceted, flexible and purposefully adjustable to the players.
  • People generally like diversification and hence developers have decided to make the game heterogeneous, so that it doesn’t remain to just exist as the essence of “building up”.
  • The idea has been to provide decorous amount of the spice of variety in combat in this popular battle challenge so that gamers remain hooked and certainly, the idea is walking down the right aisle.

What Are The Changes Being Made?

  • Changes in the means of the weapons used to inflict damage.
  • Changes in stockpile of economy.
  • More possible freedom of choice in the combat of resistance and infliction, both with the opponents.
  • The possibility to seek the way to Victory Royals through several set of tactics.

According to Epic, they want to emancipate gamers with variety in combat capabilities, unchained and accredited counter actions so that it doesn’t become a monotonous source of entertainment. Fortnite is highly in demand and has surpassed 125 million players, buyers and followers. And, we hope, it continues to be one of the most accepted source of gaming skills.

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