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ETFs of the Bitcoin [BTC] in 2018


ETFs of the Bitcoin [BTC] in 2018

ETF stands for exchange trend funds which are a part of bitcoin. The Bitcoin ETF is the dream of many people who are involved in the space for a long time.

Basically, you will be able to buy a bitcoin directly from an account brokerage, can put it into your retirement account and you do not have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep that involved with holding your own coins. For the people who are impaired technologically, The Bitcoin ETF will be able to offer than a convenient and easy way to get involved in it. In this article, we are going to discuss that why it is thinking that ETF of the bitcoin may actually happen in the year 2018 and some of the positive and drawbacks of one launching.

Reason Can That ETF is going to happen:

According to a reason that people believe that ETF is going to happen is that because the ETF infrastructure is now available and most of the successful and biggest companies or organizations are looking to launch one

With the future launching of CME and CBOE, We now have a price of a legitimate spot on the exchange of legitimate that is needed to operate an ETF. For the SEC it was a primary area of concern when the Winklevoss ETF is denied by them. Their response was to create a daily auction of their exchange but it was not enough.

About a few months ago there were also few bitcoin ETFs that were pending and waiting for a response that was told to withdraw the money because they would be denied likely.

According to some users, it is believed that it is a sign that tells the government wanted to see that what will be happened in the future market first. Most of the biggest and reputable organizations are looking to launch bitcoin ETF and according to the history, it can be seen that the SEC is much more willing to let them run the show.

Some Potential Problems with Bitcoin ETF:

There are some big problems with bitcoin ETF which is really important to address before anyone is going to launch one.

The first problem is that what happened as the result of hacking? It is now easy to lose your money through a traditional banking system purchasing the big amounts are needed on the market will be hard extremely. If there is an underlying is used, the insurance on coins will be used most likely, so you just need to an underling of what you actually own may go down, like in the case of GBTC. If the insurance is no used than it can be converted into a bad dream or nightmare.


  • People can invest and use it according to their needs and as a store value.
  • People can hold them own keys instead of trusting on exchanges
  • People can exchange money on affordable prices as compared to banks etc.
  • People can use a different platform to exchange the cryptocurrency from by using their smartphones.

Taking risk some time let you learn and experienced more and you can gain too much from them.

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