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Ethereum Classic Expected to Reach $100 in end of 2018


Ethereum Classic Expected to Reach $100 after Coinbase Listing!


Ethereum classic is among one of the cryptocurrencies that is also being traded and people are investing in it just like the bitcoin. Well, this is layman information that many of us already know. The main part of information is that it is expected to grow and reach $100 in end of 2018. Investment in this currency introduced by Saturn is going to give returns that are promising.

All about Radex:

The company Saturn network that gave birth to the ethereum classic has made a decentralized exchange called Radex. This platform or app is a way in which people can trade simply downloading this app and trading in the currency. It is going to have the 0% fee as well as it is not going to keep mandatory rules of having deposits. It has two segments:

  • First one is the smart contract that looks at the financial aspects of the agreement,
  • Second one is the interface between the buyer and seller that eases the whole process of trading.

This exchange through the decentralized platform would increase the number of transactions that are taking place and rave up the prices of the ethereum classic. The prices are already up by 10%. The price of ethereum would go all the more up with the launch of this decentralized platform ‘RADEX’.

The futuristic declaration

It is based upon these predictions that it is estimated that the future of this cryptocurrency holds returns that are going to be handsome. It is yet to be listed on Coinbase and is undergoing its development phase. With the reach of Radex on the platform of Coinbase more and more number of people would get to know about the decentralized platform and with more and more people connecting with it would mean more and more transactions. This domino effect would be responsible for Ethereum classic high!

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