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Everything You Need To Know About Play Grid


You can make an outdoor playground or sports complex more functional with a play grid. The game grid is a system of sports and game elements used for climbing.

The net is like a giant web that gives your child the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their dexterity and flexibility. The net is great for climbing as it has plenty of space and is designed for lots of kids. The design is specially designed for active and intensive use. Games on this grid act as a kind of training for the development of agility, coordination, and endurance. The child quickly develops qualities applicable in adulthood: willpower, diligence, and craving for victory.

The game grid becomes a great alternative to many hours of pastime on a computer, phone, or tablet. Climbing the net, the child, first of all, learns to work in a team, to help a friend. This sports element can attract teenagers and children for a long time, enticing the opportunity to meet friends and thrill.

To date, many companies in Russia are engaged in the sale of game nets. Dorit is a team of specialists that designs and builds play equipment specifically for children. The company strives to create high-quality and safe products at an affordable price. The safety of all manufactured products is subjected to special control. The goods comply with Russian GOSTs in the field of manufacturing children’s play equipment. 

Today, the task of attracting children to outdoor games is acute. Dorit equipment provides safe and correct physical activity.

Dorit specialists are always ready to give the necessary advice and assist in planning not only existing but also new sites. Your needs and wishes are always taken into account. The company’s designers can provide a 3D visualization of the future project. The production of finished products is carried out in-house, which makes it possible to control the quality of the resulting product at all stages of manufacture. Each type of product comes with instructions that ensure ease of assembly and installation. One of the examples of a play grid is FDJ Loto Multiple Grid

Fdj Loto Multiple Grid: Operation, Prices, Winnings, And How To Play It?

There are several ways to play Loto. If most of the grids that are checked during the draws are simple to play grids, more regular or technical players may be attracted by the so-called “Multiple” grids. These grids make it possible in particular to play a greater number of numbers (up to 9 numbers checked) and/or all 10 Chance numbers, making it possible to substantially increase the chances of winning. However, the prices are also higher. How do the “Multiple” grids work in Loto FDJ, what are their prices, the calculation of the winnings, and how to play them? Answers on this page.

Multiple Loto Grid: What Is It, How Does It Work?

To the question: “what are the multiple Lotto grids?” », the answer is simple: the multiple grids are grids on which it is possible to play more than 5 numbers and one Lotto Lucky number. These grids are played in the same place as any other grid, but their price will vary depending on the number of numbers you have chosen to tick. A multiple grid can contain up to 9 numbers or a mix of numbers and Chance numbers up to 10 Chance numbers.

The Different Prices Of The Multiple Loto Grids

If you can play up to 9 numbers on the same grid, it is obvious that you will not pay the same price as for a simple Loto grid. Thus, the simplest format of Multiple grids (5 numbers + 2 Chance numbers) will cost you €4.40, which can culminate at €369.60 for players who decide to tick 7 numbers + 8 Chance numbers or 8 numbers + 3 Chance numbers.

NB: each multiple grid offers a multitude of simple grids, the price is calculated as follows: for each simple grid, €2.20 is charged. Thus, by playing a grid at 22€, you will play 10 simple grids and 168 grids during multiple grids composed of 7 numbers and 8 Chance numbers.

Multiple Grid: Probabilities, Odds Of Winning, And Simple Combinations

By playing a Loto multiple grids, you will above all want to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, and at least of winning one or more intermediate wins. Behind each Multiple grid hides a fixed number of simple grids, these directly influence the probabilities of winning. Also, several techniques can lead you to be certain of winning a Loto win, this happens when you tick all 10 good Chance numbers for example. The number of simple combinations included in multiple grids varies from 2 to 168.


With the possibility of playing with reducing systems, it is difficult to give precise statistics and probabilities of winning about the multiple Loto grids. A simplistic calculation consists in saying that by playing a grid with 7 numbers + 8 Chance numbers or 8 numbers + 3 Chance numbers, you will have a 1 in 113,500 chance of winning the jackpot.

Calculation of Multiple Loto Grid Winnings

To calculate your Loto winnings when playing Multiple grids can be complicated or even laborious. If you have the possibility of “cutting” your Multiple grids into a multitude of simple grids, the most practical is still to use a Loto winnings calculation tool. On, you can calculate your winnings simply and easily whether you have checked a single grid or multiple grids, and this with or without the 2nd draw option.

Multiple Grid And Tombola Loto: How Does It Work?

Since the change in Loto rules in 2017 and the introduction of Loto codes (tombola), players of the French national lottery can win prizes in parallel with “normal” draws. Thus, when you play a Multiple grids, you will be entitled to receive several Loto codes equivalent to the number of single grids contained in your “Multiple”.

Some examples are below to explain how obtaining your Loto codes and calculating them works

  • If you tick a grid of 7 numbers + 8 Chance numbers corresponding to 168 simple grids, you will obtain 168 unique Loto codes for the draw (see table of the number of simple combinations above). In this example, your chances of winning a winning code will be multiplied by 168 compared to a player who checked a simple grid.
  • The Loto codes will be generated automatically and in succession, so you will have a list comprising the same letter + 8 digits, the last 3 of which will follow one another.

How To Play Your Multiple Grids At Loto Fdj?

In the same way that there are several “schools” for playing a simple Loto grid, the Multiple Loto grids can also vary according to your type of game. Thus, whether online, at a point of sale, in flash, or well with your favorite numbers, the field of possibilities is total to play your multiple grids, it’s up to you to find the way that suits you best!

  • Online on FDJ fr: you can play your Multiple grids simply from the “Loto” part by clicking on several numbers up to 9, the price of the grid will automatically adjust when you validate your play.
  • At the point of sale: all you have to do is fill in your Loto game slip with valid Multiple combinations and then give this slip to your tobacconist who will tell you the amount to pay.

Multiple Flash Grids Or Lucky Numbers?

Regarding the choice of your numbers, you can opt for lucky numbers (between 5 and 9 numbers) or leave it to chance with a Loto flash grid. In both cases, the odds of winning will always be the same, so it doesn’t matter.

If you play multiple grids on the website, you can easily select the “multiple flash” button to create your random combinations in one click!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About The Multiple Loto Grid

How Many Numbers Can You Tick With A Loto Multiple Grids?

The multiple grids for the French national lottery have 31 variants. You can choose to tick 5 or 6 numbers and the 10 Chance numbers at most or up to 9 numbers, but only one Chance number.

How Many Different Combinations Can You Play With A Multiple Loto Grid?

Multiple grids can include up to 168 different single grids, this is particularly the case for grids that consist of 7 numbers + 8 Chance numbers and 8 numbers + 3 Chance numbers. There is no limit to the number of multiple grids you can check off.

What Is The Price Of A Multiple Loto Grid?

The price of a multiple grid depends entirely on the number of numbers you have ticked. Thus, the prices range between €4.40 for the smallest of the multiple grids up to €369.60 for the most complete.