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F1 2018: Does it really offer a new profound experience or not?


F1 2018

Developed by Codemasters the multiplayer game F1 2018 has finally been released. The developers have brought the game to the fans after working through a tight schedule. The game has by far proved that it deserves the license.

The Real F1

The license to F1 2018 comes as a bit ironic to some fans. Drivers are complaining about the monotonous races. The Petronas logo is perhaps too far behind the lines. Especially the added element of the 2018 ‘halo’ head protector has added to growing irritability of the real life game.

The Virtual F1 Against the Odds

F1 2017 was spectacular in all its elements and features. Codemasters knew that they only truly needed to add a few revisions and embellishments to the previously impressive work. The response to the heavy criticism towards the real F1 was dealt with optimism and diligent work for the virtual game. Press interviews and feedback shows how the production company is extremely serious. They are all work about bringing only the best and the original fantastic virtual experience to the game.

F1 2018 and the Production

It is pretty evident how the development team has worked dynamically on improving the affects of the game especially the cars. The development and production of the parts is a grave concern in F1. Among the duties of the driver is enhancing the front wing endplates. This improves upon the RPG feeling and ambiance in the career mode. F1 2018 brings on the unforeseen effect that you can play as Fernando Alonso. There are free practice sessions. You can also get upgrade points by finishing hot laps. These points if spent in the right places, will lead to a steady win, if not then we better let Fernando win.

Teams and Contracts and all that Hoo-Haa

Development trees are customized and tailored for each particular team this time around. Excitement and confidence are boosted as you watch your team’s performance improve up there with each new and triumphant upgrade. If you spent a horrible time last year not winning, then contract negotiations are also possible this time around. Furthermore mid-season team changes can be made. However you will have already earned the payoff and therefore deserve and upgrade. Through this you can definitely enjoy all the luxurious without having to wait for a month.

Graphics, Animation and Tracks

F1 2018 still looks visually appealing and astonishingly the graphics and animation have received some new embellishments. You can have more than one opponent, as the game is a multiplayer adjusting up to more than 20 players at a time. Furthermore a super license system has been set in place where you are automatically matched with players of your expertise.  The suspension refresh rates have increased this time around. All players are competitive and up to the mark but they all have their shortcomings.

The Final Verdict

Despite all the new improvements and all the hype surrounding the annual changes, F1 2018has not much to offer. Such costly editions become underwhelming and the game repetitive. Nobody wants to spend hours on a game they have already paid for virtually a similar experience again.

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