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Far Cry

Far Cry 5 Vehicle Guide Out Now!


Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 game majoring the vehicles and lots and lot of rush. It is all about recruiting the cats and dogs and earning money. The game is about new vehicles and learning to fish.

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Vehicles in Far Cry 5

The game is wholly dependent on one factor. No matter what the player wants to do be it destroying the cultist outpost with the help of rockets or guns. Or the player wants to complete the whole map by covering it through wheels he/she needs vehicles. These vehicles can be accessed through the markers available on the maps. The map has certain colored markers where the player can get the vehicles from. The markers are allotted to different types of things. Like the green marker would be providing boats, others will be providing helicopters, cars etc.

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Getting one

But that is not that easy. The player has to figure out the marker that is made for the player and then interact with the yellow key available in the marker to get the vehicle delivered to the player right away. Purchasing the vehicle in Far Cry 5 is not that easy as it looks. $3000 is what is needed to own a helicopter with a boat and a turret gun. This is why the player needs to plan out properly, how to earn the points and how the money should be invested in the vehicles to get the most out of the game.

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Getting more

Once a player purchases any vehicle in Far Cry 5. If in the middle of the game the player feels like changing the vehicle, then the player can do so by visiting the yellow key locker at the marker and spawning it with another vehicle of choice. Balancing the money with the points is very important to rule the game.

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