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Foods to Relieve Arthritis Pain- Anti-Inflammatory foods


Foods to Relieve Arthritis Pain- Anti-Inflammatory foods

Arthritis is a devastating class of disease that causes painful inflammation and swelling of joints. Arthritis is a class of disease that covers over 100 diseases of joint. Most common of them are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Studies suggest that there are certain foods that can fight joint inflammation and helps in relieving pain. You can relieve pain and easily manage swollen joints by incorporating anti-inflammatory foods in the diet. You also need to cut back on pain triggering foods and maintain healthy body weight.


Researches have shown that garlic has anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of diallyl disulfide organosulphur in its crushed cloves. The health benefits of garlic.

There are some specific components of garlic that are can reduce inflammatory markers of arthritis. Eating garlic also reduces the risk of hip osteoarthritis.

There is some component in garlic that reduces the activity of the cartilage-damaging enzyme.

Arthritis Pain- Anti-Inflammatory foods


If you’re suffering from arthritis, always keep ginger in your spice cabinet. Studies show ginger reduces knee pain by 40 percent in osteoarthritis patients. Ginger reduces swelling and fights inflammation at a cellular level.

One tablespoon of grated ginger also helps in relieving muscle ache due to strenuous exercise.

Besides curing inflammation and adding a burst of flavor, it soothes your upset stomach, diminishes nausea, and addresses a number of other medical condition. You can add ginger in your tea, soups, salads, curry and even in confectionery items.


Sulforaphane in broccoli slows down the damaging process of cartilage in joints and thus helps in fighting against arthritis. It also cures rheumatoid arthritis by suppressing inflammatory markers. Broccoli is also associated with reduced inflammation. In order to fight against arthritis naturally, you should add Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli to your salad and diet.


The inflammation fighter in turmeric curcumin. This yellow herb has been used in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent in curing joint disease. It is also used in treating wounds and infections.

Tart cherries:

Anthocyanin gives the red color to cherries and helps in reducing pain and inflammation. It improves stiffness in joints. It significantly reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

You should also avoid following foods in arthritis

  • Dairy products like milk, curd, and yogurt
  • Cigarettes and alcohol
  • Refined carbs and artificial sweeteners
  • Processed foods
  • Fried products
  • Additives and preservatives.
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