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Fortnite Best Hacks & Tricks for Free V-Bucks Generator

Mudasir Jamil


Fortnite v bucks

Fake Fortnite V-Bucks Generator (Scam Alert) Full Guide

Due to the game’s free-to-play strategy, many items in Fortnite Battle Royale require V-Bucks, which is the currency of the game. You can buy V-Bucks with actual money, but many people prefer to earn V-Bucks instead of getting nickeled and dimed through micro-transactions. Although limited, there are several ways to get free V-Bucks in the game.


Fortnite v bucks

Unfortunately, with its popularity, many malicious people will sell player lie or illegal hacks to earn “free” V-Bucks. Please don’t believe this because the methods they use may cause you to be banned from participating in the competition. At the time of this writing, the methods listed below are the only legal methods, so any other “free vbucks” quotes should not be trusted.

There are only two methods in Fortnite that require you to purchase Player and Enemy (PvE) mode to save the world and get free V-Bucks. This mode is the original game launched on July 25, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, Windows and MacOS as early access titles. Although there are multiple special editions, the standard game (and the lowest price) is $39.99. After purchasing the game, you can use the following methods to get V-Bucks. But now as you would already know that the game is free for all players. So, you can simply download and play it and start earning V-Bucks using our V-Bucks hacks and tricks.

The problem that users on the smartphones are facing is that “Save the World” is currently unavailable. Therefore, the only way to use the first five methods is to access a PC (Windows or MacOS), Xbox One or PS4 and play games there. Your V-Bucks will continue to be used because Epic Games includes cross-progress for mobile users (just make sure you log in with the same account on both systems). However, if you do not have access, skip to step 6. Following are some legit steps to farm V-Bucks in Fortnite without getting into danger zone (risking permanent ban from Epic Games).

Step 1: Daily login

The first way to get V-Bucks is to log in to “Save the world” mode every day. After logging in every day, you get rewards, including cosmetics and V-Bucks. The first day you win V-Bucks is the 11th day (meaning you are logging in on the 11th day of Save the World mode), for the next reward, wait until the 28th day. Although it’s not a lot of V-Bucks, it’s the easiest way to do it.

Step 2: Complete daily tasks

After moving forward in the main storyline of “saving the world”, you will have access to daily tasks. The daily task operation is similar to the daily challenge in the Battle Royale mode. Every day, you will receive a daily task that asks you to complete a challenge. These tasks include killing certain number of enemies with a certain type of hero, or completing an N number of missions with a certain type of specialist.

Once completed, you will receive at least 50 V-Bucks, with only 3 daily missions providing more than this amount. Just like the daily challenge, if you don’t complete the day’s mission, you will add another task on the second day of your login, with up to 3 daily tasks. Once you receive three, you will need to complete the daily tasks to get a new one.

Step 3: Complete the Storm Shield mission

The third way to get V-Bucks is to complete the Storm Shield tasks. These are the tasks in your four areas of progress in the main storyline of Save the World. Each zone initially has 6 Storm Shield missions, and the remaining four are unlocked as side missions as you move further in the game. Every mission will you 100 bucks but not the 10th one, which can earn you 150 V-Bucks.

Step 4: Complete challenges and side quests

Side Quests is another set of tasks that can be done to get V-Bucks. Not all Side Quests can win V-Bucks for you, but those that can bring you up to 150 V-Bucks.

In the main storyline, the challenges are unlocked at different times. One challenge can be completed up to 10 times and can give up to 50 V-Bucks every time.

You can find “Challenge” and “Side Quests” under the “Quests” tab of the main menu.

Step 5: Participate in activities

Events give you special quests to complete and offer unique items as your reward, including V-Bucks. These events often occur weekly, including several different missions, which will win your V-Bucks. Check them under the Quests tab of the main screen.

Step 6: Buy high-end V-Bucks packages

The last way to get free V-Bucks is to buy a higher-end V-Bucks deal. Free V-Bucks for all packages except the $9.99 package. While the $24.99 package doesn’t offer generous rewards, the $59.99 package gives you an extra $15 V-Bucks. The $99.99 also provides a generous offer, with an additional $35 V-Bucks at the time of purchase.

Please don’t fall prey to any of the “free V-Bucks” scam. There are several well-designed programs on the Internet that try to entice gamers to believe that it is possible to get free V-bucks. One of the latest examples is a website that claims you can earn V-bucks by sharing links with friends via social media. The site is well designed and linked to the official page. However, this website is fake and should be avoided.

In addition to these methods, there is no other legal way to get free V-Bucks. Using hacking can not only lead you to getting banned by Fortnite, but you may even have to deal with some legal issues. Although these methods do require you to purchase the purchase, the Battle Royale mode is free. Therefore, unlike other games, including micro-transactions, Fortnite Battle Royale sacrificed the first part.

With these methods, you can get additional V-Bucks to get new items from the item store or save the Season 4 Battle Pass. What do you think of Fortnite’s V-Bucks system? Please let us know in the comments below.

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