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Fortnite finds Popularity more than PUBG; earns multiple times more money!


Fortnite finds Popularity more than PUBG; earns multiple times more money!

Ever since mobile phones have become a very common thing; there is one more thing that appears to be just as popular as all the androids and iOS devices. Yes, we are talking about the archrivals but immensely popular mobile games; Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battleground also known as PUBG. But off lately, it seems like fortnite has been winning at this long battle against PUBG very clearly.

Fortnite leads the way in the arch-rivalry

Fortnite is termed as one of the classic Android games that are now also available for iOS users as well. This game has always faced competition from its archrival PUBG but it seems like it has finally won the battle or is leading the way. Not only has it become more popular but it is clearly making a lot more money than the latter as well; at least five times more money than PUBG to be precise!

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Limited access for Fortnite

The availability is also restricted for Fortnite as it is only available for free download on iOS and has not yet been introduced to the Google Play Store on Android devices. On the other hand, player unknown’s battleground is not only available for PC and XBOX but has also been public on iOS and Android devices for a very long time now.

Fortnite, surprisingly, more popular

This is definitely very surprising news to digest. Let’s not forget that Fortnite, while in its own right has always been popular, it has never been considered to be more popular or admired than PUBG. It was always placed second to the latter. The limited access for users has also put reservations on Fortnite.

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Fortnite earnings multiple times more than PUBG

Despite all restrictions and limitations, Fortnite appears to be leading the way. Not only is it tagged to be more popular, it is also making multiple times more money than the archrival.

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