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Fortnite Halloween Event – Ninja Revealed Some Amazing Facts About It


Fortnite is one of the most played games in the world during its release. It has won many awards and has a huge traffic of gamers for playing this game. The Fortnite Battle Royale released in September 2017 and has a major event in the game after a month. Now, the Fortnite is back with its Fortnite Halloween event which is going to improve this game in so many ways as the last one did. Like, a leaderboard, Combat Pro, controller configuration, and more in the last one.

Fortnite Halloween Event – Ninja Revealed Some Amazing Facts About It

Fortnite Halloween Event Will Be Different And More Successful

This event is very special for the developers and the team of Fortnite as it is essential for the success of the video game. In this mega event, there will be many new changes. The players will be able to buy new skins which are not allowed in the general game. The Fortnite Halloween event will have the Skull Trooper skin which was deleted from the game after some time. It was the first ever skin Fortnite had. It seems that we can expect a mega Fortnite Halloween event this October by the developers.

Fortnite Halloween Event – Ninja Revealed Some Amazing Facts About It

What Does Ninja Say About Fortnite Halloween Event

Tyler Ninja is the most popular Fortnite streamer. He recently shared his views on the upcoming Fortnite Halloween event. He said,

“Fortnite always surprise me with their new innovative ideas and hints that make me more attentive for the game. Fortnite showed me some cool up and upcoming things which makes me more excited for Halloween”.

While our popular streamer is not revealing the big secrets but let’s wait up for the event. We also think that the event is going to be amazing and one of its kind. Furthermore, there is the addition of Skull Trooper which is the major thing Fortnite players want. The skin is rare and you cannot buy or get it easily. The skin was only available for weeks after the game released. Hopefully, the developers were keeping it for this event.

Stay tuned to get more updates on the Fortnite Halloween event!

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