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Fortnite Update – Much More Exciting Features


The gamers are always on the lookout for new updates in the games they love. The latest Fortnite update has been a source of joy and satisfaction to many a gamer as it has much more exciting features in it now. A lot of people across the globe stay glued to their screens owing to this great game and now they are in for even more. The introduction of a new Sniper Rifle and the return of the Sniper Rifle Shoot Time Out has been long awaited. The new update covers all this and much more, here’s a closer look into the new Fortnite.

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Soaring 50s for a limited time mode:

The recent update improves the already existing 50v50 mode and now puts more focus on the movement of the gliders. While falling from greater heights, the gliders can be re-deployed which minimizes the risks. In addition to that more Bounce Pads, Impulse Grenades and Launch Pads have been introduced to make the gaming experience even more engaging and rewarding.

Sniper Rifle mode on a limited time mode:

The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been added in Fortnite and it has replaced Scoped Assault Rifles in quite a cool manner. But it might be surprising to see that floor loot spawns have been minimized to a 50%. This mode also allows the gamers to keep a track of their wins and other statistical data.

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Additional weapons and other items:

The new Fortnite update has brought in many new weapons and other items which are cool. They have added a heavy sniper which has two variant modes – Epic and Legendary. You can find the new sniper in chests, vending machines, and floor loots and has a capacity to deliver a long range and destructive shot but takes a long while to reload. Also, the projectiles fired from this have a much lesser bullet drop rate than other snipers. The minigun headshot multiplier has also been minimized from 2.5 to 1.5.

Save the world mission:

A new hero to save the world mission, Thora, has been introduced who is a new Constructer Machinist. The mission has been made harder and more engaging by introducing bulletproof enemies. This way, the enemies need to overcome by using different strategies, traps, and melee weapons. The power rating restrictions on Challenge the Horde mission have been lifted off as they were obstructing many gamers previously.

The new update in Fortnite sure has brought a lot of new features and people are awaiting even more changes.

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