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Fortnite Update v4.5 introduced New Features in Battle Royale and Save the World but Playground mode is down


The concept:

The site of fortnite playground went down due to immediate rush on the site and this made the matchmaking service fall. The team has since then separated the playground matchmakers and the default mode of playing and many changes have been brought in order to assist the players.

The updates are:

  • Week 9 challenges were made live for the players till the team worked upon to bring the site back in its full swing.
  • Matchmaking is not possible across all modes of the royal battle. It has been plagued, and the playground matchmaking is also not working properly in the update version of 4.5. This is a matter of concern. The epic is under repair, but refuses to comment on the date when it will be back to the players.
  • New weapon and new features are added up in the games of save the world and Royale Battle. This makes it the first ever released limited time game, but it has been called off for some time due to the issues with the writing of the playground. The version can be played on any platform like PS4, PC or Xbox.
  • The new playground is devised as a ‘low pressure environment’ which allows three players to play at a time without the risk of getting eliminated. It allows them to devise strategies, choose weapons and fight among themselves. The map can also be explored by the players.
  • Each round would last for one hour that would consist of the lot of activities that the players would undergo. It is only after 55 minutes that the storm circle would start and the player needs to enable the friendly fire.

A team of 12 final fighters has also been updated on the Battle Royale game. There are a number of new updates that are made to the fortnite playground. The reader could visit the official site for more updates.

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