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Fortnite Week 6 Challenge: How To Solve Timed Trials of Season 5


Luckily, you don’t need to finish the Fortnite Week challenge within a game so you may drop in as many times as it requires to receive three kills. So it’s only worth doing if you struggled to finish a challenge one day and need to give it up a day later, whenever you have a new challenge to do in its place. This challenge is, in plenty of ways, much like the weekly treasure maps.

Complete all five challenges, and you’re going to unlock an exceptional pickaxe. This very first challenge sounds simple enough, but it requires locating a launchpad which may be though if you’re unlucky. Because of this, the ideal way to do this challenge is going to be to get kills whenever you receive the opportunity. This week’s damage challenge is a little toughie, so make sure to practice your aim if you would like to deal 500 headshot damage to your foes.

Fortunately, the trials are repeatable, so that you can usually have a shot at one, get a sense of where the timer collectibles are placed, and then determine what you want to receive all of them. A number of the time trials are a lot simpler if you construct your way up to the collectible, and that means you’ll have to have resources handy. A few of the trials like the one west of Salty Springs are vertical and require that you build up.

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