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4 Best Ways to Get Free Robux 2019

Mudasir Jamil


4 Best Ways to Get Free Robux 2019

Tired of going over websites again and again just to see hacks and Robux generators which are no more than a dummies? Or you have been searching for months for “Free Robux” but failed to find working guide?

Well it’s your lucky day you found us, in this article we are going to share our best working hacks and generators for getting free Robux so you don’t have to waste your precious hard earned money on buying virtual currency to buy virtual items.

Robux is the only currency of Roblox game which is a necessity of for every Roblox player like water and air for humans to survive. Almost everything you can customize or buy in game is done with the mighty infamous currency – the Robux. Whether you are looking for in-game customizations or a changing avatar are buying certain, all point you out towards the same thing – the Robux. Which is why you need a good amount of Robux in Roblox to enjoy.

To our bad, Robux earning rate in Roblox is painfully slow for most players and if you don’t have a paid membership you are already not making most of your sales and trades. So many players are searching for ways to get free Robux, they end up on fake sites but again today is your lucky day as after months of searching for Robux you finally found the verified site with actual hacks.

So in this article we are going to share with you all possible hacks for Roblox, but let’s first learn about Roblox so as to know what you are getting into.

Why Robux is Important in Roblox?

To have a good chance of surviving in Roblox game you must have better items which are bought with Robux credits which can be earned slowly by doing tasks or buy buying them directly but it’s a thing that not everyone can play for costly Robux but everyone wants the best items of games and free Robux to get their level up and to get most of every level.

Those types of player are constantly searching and surfing for these tools to get their premium items. But end up on fake sites who are offering free Robux generators or “Robux hacks”. You need to beware of these sites as they can compromise your privacy as they ask for your account info.

Well at first the “free Robux” title gives a smile on your face but when you realize it was a prank or scam you get deep into depression. If you are new to Roblox and Robux read our whole article so you can get more coverage on Roblox.

  1. Robux Generator 2019

We know you have been through a lot of searching for Robux generator which can give you free Robux but we also know how many sites are using fake generators which does nothing. Our generator is coded by a team of professional programmers who are best in their respective fields and work in collaborations to provide loopholes to get into Roblox code to add extra credit when you do trading or selling etc. so that your account is safe from anti cheats software’s.

Note: A lot of users are using our generator to get free Roblox which induces load on our website which affects servers, so sometimes you might see “access generator not working” as a means for server cool down. Once issues are resolved we re-enable the links to provide free Robux to everyone. So be sure to check back later in case. In that time, you can use other methods such as gift codes to make things work.

Warning: we only ask for your username and nothing more, just to verify the designated account to Robux won’t go to a random account which can be suspected by Roblox team. Never provide your passwords or sensitive info to anyone.

  1. Roblox Promo Codes list

Promo codes are some specific keywords that are associated with in-game discount or free items or even free Robux memberships and cash. But only Roblox developers staff can provide these codes once they set it in their system, it’s their choice to give it too all or selected portion of community. So what we have done is collected some promo codes from different sources and paid staff members to provide all of our visitors with codes to enjoy free complete gaming experience.

Roblox give promo codes on events or as a giveaway. With a valid code you can earn you a virtual item than will be added to your account inventory.

Take a look at our codes list and redeem as much codes as you want or can.

No.NameRoblox Promo Code
1Glorious Pharaoh of the SunBLORTools2019
2Showtime Popcorn Hat$ILATYT$
3Fire stripe Fedora*HAFFDAR34bliOX*
4Full Metal Top hatTARGOT018
512th Birthday Cake Hat!6oAF7OBLOX!
6Jurassic World SunglassesJURAAFORLD
924k Gold Headphones5656H34G336EDF
10Shades of the Blue Bird FollowingROBLOXSFIES7700K
12Southwest Straw FedoraSXSSDFS15
13 KCA Slime WingsWEARFALOX300!
14150K Summer Shades200SDFWITCH
1536: Live streaming’ LizardCOODSUMMER

How can I use promo codes?

There’s a page on Roblox website to redeem promo codes to claim your free goods. All you have to do is to visit the “Redeem Roblox Promotions” page and on the right sections is the codes bar where you can write your promo codes & your free virtual good will be automatically added to your Roblox account inventory so be sure to login in the original account to get the good.

Note: Promo codes are active for a limited amount of time and sometimes have limited amount of uses so be sure to claim your goods as fast as you can.

  1. Gift Cards Generators

If you are unfamiliar with gift cards generator, then let us tell you it works the same way as our free Robux generator but it generates unique codes instead of free Robux which can be used to purchase Robux from sites. There are so many sources to generate free gift cards.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any generator of our own at this moment but our fellow programmers are working towards it & crafting a better generator for gifts cards to ensure its stability and lifetime. Once our generator is ready we will share it with you all.

  1. Builder Club Membership

It’s not a trick or hack but a legitimate feature of Roblox and we know it’s not free but let’s take a look at why it’s important, shall we?

Builder club membership is a subscription to a club that gives you exclusive benefits depending on the bundle you are subscribed to and how much you have paid for it. Other than free membership there are three different type of payed memberships which you can subscribed to for a little amount of money.

Take a look at the chart below to see the difference in benefits and value in them compared to price.

Everyone is subscribed to free membership but other three are payed ones so those who pay can enjoy benefits.

  • Classic Club Membership

A daily reward of R$ 15 and 20 groups slots to join and create and first time singing bonus of 100 R$ costs 5.95 $

  • Turbo Club Membership

A daily reward of R$ 35 and 20 groups slots to join and create and first time singing bonus of 100 R$ costs 11.95 $

  • Outrageous club membership

A daily reward of R$ 60 and 20 groups slots to join and create and first time singing bonus of 100 R$ costs 19.95 $. This is also the best membership you can pay for with highest level of benefits.

It is to note that all three paid memberships have an 70% paid access which means for every trade or sale you make you get a 70% revenue which for a free membership is just 10%.

More About Roblox and Robux

Roblox project is completely free to play for anyone on all platforms, Dev’s use freemium market technique to make funds to keep their studio up and running, a technique of making whole game free for everyone then charging money for catalog items of Roblox. It is also becoming more popular with the Increase in android games numbers & every gaming publisher is adopting this way of marketing which has been known to yield better results than paid products thus very beneficial for Developers.

Where to buy Robux? You can buy Robux Credit on Roblox Website of the Roblox site. Prices vary with the amount of Robux credit you buy & with a mega bundle you can get an extra bonus which is up to 29% more bonus for the largest bundle. You can then use these Robux to buy Roblox catalog items or customization or to change your avatars such as R15 avatar which have 3D elbows and knees which also looks cool to show off, compared to the original avatar with Lego like blockish figure. The items you buy are transferred in your inventory to be used or for selling other and making profit out of it once the demand increases. Prices of items can go up if creator suddenly stop providing the item which is in high demand and other users who have bought that item before, can sell it on custom price.

Roblox is a very creative platform as every game you play is created by other users and you can freely create your own by launching Roblox creator studio on window and Mac.

Have a Question take a look at our FAQ?


Q: Are there any surveys?

A: NO we don’t do that on our site. All of our content are survey free on this page.

Q: how do I know this site is safe?

A: Our site is completely safe and protected by SQL and HTTPS. We don’t ask for any personal account info anyways. So there no risk.

Q: How our generator works?

A: Well, it’s not an open source tools, we don’t release such info for its lifetime.

Q: can I get more codes?

A: we update codes section weekly and during special events almost daily so be sure to check every week.

Thanks for reading, we hope you have a happy time playing Roblox.

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