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Galaxy Note 9- What does the upcoming beast have to offer?


Galaxy Note 9- What does the upcoming beast have to offer?

This year’s Note series flagship phone is finally official, the Galaxy Note 9. With an exclusive launch event that was held in Brooklyn, New York on 9th August 2018. Pre-orders began on the same day in the UK, while the phone will be available for worldwide shipping on 24th August 2018.

What is intriguing is that the Galaxy Note 9 is priced at $1000, which is a hefty price for any smartphone that is present in the market. It was possible to expect such a high price for an iPhone but Samsung has broken records with this year’s Note series installment.

Worth the Investment?

While the phone is yet to be shipped to all the anticipating buyers, we can still analyze it based on the upgraded features Samsung has given the Galaxy Note 9. A 4,000 mAh battery, and a maximum of 512GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot for expansion makes it a powerhouse already. The S Pen Stylus can be counted as a super attachment that comes with the Galaxy Note 9- it can be connected via Bluetooth and operate the phone from a distance.

Other than this the Galaxy Note 9 has a long, sparkling clear screen, a dual lens 12MP camera and the strongest fastest chipset the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It also supports wireless fast charging and is waterproof.

The Verdict so far

It has been five days since the Galaxy Note 9 was released and phone analysts have already come up with a verdict regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the device.

  1. The battery life is very strong, more testing needs to be done but for now, it is giving good battery timing before the next charging is needed.
  2. The S Pen Stylus lives up to its advertised functions
  3. The bold colors and overall design make it a beauty to see.

On the other hand side, the Galaxy Note 9 has some low points to it as well;

  1. The fingerprint scanner is once again too close to the camera. This is a disappointment since it is beyond understanding why Samsung has not yet been able to figure out where the optimum placement is for a fingerprint reader.
  2. The artificial intelligence monitored camera is a tad bit slow and not very responsive in identifying scenes or optimizing settings that help obtain the best possible picture.
  3. The S Pen Stylus comes in colors, and what’s more is that it writes in the color it originally is. So for those who might have a yellow stylus, it may be hard for them to read what they have written given the Note 9’s background is white.

For now, the best part about the Galaxy Note 9 is its large battery that does live up to its size and the price can somewhat be justified because of this. However, it is too soon to pass a final verdict without user reviews and in-depth analysis by phone geeks.

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