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Games with Gold July Announcement Expected on 2018


Games with Gold July Announcement

The announcement:

It is good news for those who have Xbox and Xbox one. The company has announced the starting of Games with gold from July 2018 that will allow the customers or the subscribers to play free games on the Xbox and Xbox one.


Games with gold would consist of all the latest games that have been introduced into the market. The customers or the players will be able to get it all under one umbrella and can enjoy it as much as they want. The Games with Gold wants a subscription that will be disclosed by the company on its release in the year July 2018. This is big news for the fans of the games.

Not only there will be popular games present, but there is no limit on the playing time. It can be played for as long as the player wants to play. This is the perfect package for the game lovers to purchase the Xbox sets and indulge in the romance with the games.

The concern answered!

Though there is a of resistance from the part of the parents’ side and not many players that are below the age of 13+ are allowed to play the games due to the fear of impaired vision and distraction. This is a message from the company that there are some games that will help the kids grow their intellectual and critical powers.

The games involve making strategic decisions that can really help. Moreover, there are specs that can be worn in order to keep the eyes of the kid safe. The games are crafted by professionals and do not include anything that would hamper the quality of your Xbox or teach something wrong to the player. The Gold with games is a concept that fosters creativity and strategy making in the minds of the player.

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