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Garena Free Fire Cheats; A Guide to Get Free Diamonds and Coins

Bambi Lopez


An amazing development in video game industry by 111dots Studio Garena Free Fire which is published by Garena. An ultimate survival game for those who love shooting games as it falls under that category in this game players can enter to a battlefield in that battlefield there is just one winner who is known as the last man Standing. So You should get Free Diamonds in Free Fire and learn here How to get them while the other option is to purchase them choice is yours


Background of Free Fire Game

According to the official organization called “FF” in this game this organization brought people to one island who belonged to different class and background and in this game they made it clear to all of them that just one person will be able to stay alive and get free. but what who were these people and how they got here? So the organization named as FF; kidnapped or attracted them by offering bounty game and now then they modified them according to their demand like they hypnotized, brainwashed and modified them genetically well everyone to them is a tester to them so they did what they wanted but the other part of this game is that these people have lost their memories and just they remember now few things which aren’t so clear to them but the only thing that is clear to them is the biggest purpose which is that they have to stay alive.!

Garena Free Fire Cheats

Reason to have 999999 Diamonds in Free Fire; Unlocking Characters in Free Fire

The reason why you want free fire hack diamonds in this game is that many of its characters have unique abilities like Moco is Hacker Wukong is Monkey King and MIGUEL is captain of special force and he can increase gain EP for each kill. Now as we have discussed a little about these characters and their powers and specializations though there are many more other characters in this game but how this game can be played and users are looking for in this game is the most important thing. It is battle Royale based game as in this game everyone is fighting and want to become last man standing, after playing this game many times you will get familiar how this game works and slowly you will get to know when to fight, hide, walk or sprint in this game you will be looking for guns and most importantly high level of gears like bags, helmet and armor so you can loot the guns and all that stuff so you can keep yourself equipped to the highest level of gear level 3 is the highest level and gears of level 3 are always so rare and you going to put your efforts in search of them.

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Tips, Tricks, Cheats to Survive in Free Fire for long

While doing all this stuff you must be watching over your enemy who can be around you hiding somewhere it can be in the buildings or behind tree and if you are bigger don’t opt for jumping to crowded sites and aim for lightly developed area with least amount of buildings where you feel other players won’t be landing As soon as you land try to hide somewhere or get in any nearer building and after that get a gun first and don’t go for armor or bag always try to get vest first because many people don’t even know how to take headshots.

How to Get Diamonds in Garena Free Fire hack 2019?

So in order to play a game like hero you got to get access to features of this game like all characters and all weapons and for that you need to have diamonds and coins. Andoid and iOS Top Up 140 Diamonds in Free Fire Game within 24 hours it starts with the price of $2.90 and goes up and up but how to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire or looking to buy these at lower price? it isn’t a safe thing to do as transactions made for Free Fire must be through their own system which means Garena Free Fire official and if you want it to be completely free then it can be possible only if you use google opinion rewards in Android devices now.

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