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Latest ways to get free PSN codes in 2020-2021


Do you love gaming? Are you addicted to playing games on Playstation? Well, then you must be well versed with the fact that owning a PlayStation means an investment of money. When it comes to the various PlayStation games then they come with a heavy price tag and not everyone can afford them. You simply cannot go on playing the same PlayStation game. Ardent gamers desire to own the various PlayStation games but due to their pricing fail to do so. This causes the PlayStation to lie in a corner of the house gathering dust. If your one of those ardent gamers then we are sure that you would hate to see your PlayStation becoming useless.

 Wonder if you could access the various PlayStation games for free. No, we are not kidding, there are sites online which offer you PSN codes for free. The PSN codes can be easily used to get access to the different PlayStation games. All that you need to be versed in is about the various PSN code generator sites. Well if you want to find out about them then this post is a must-read. Here you would find a list of the best ways in which you can get free psn codes. So what’s keeping you waiting to scroll down to find out more.


  • Visit is a well-known site for providing Free PlayStation codes. The site is a free psn code generator that offers the users to hold on a new PlayStation game through psn and PSP codes. The free psn code generator by the site has been made to facilitate the game lovers to get access to the new PlayStation games. The website provides users with free unused psn codes that people can utilize to hold their games. 

On other sites, one has to invest in a few bucks to get access to these codes but on this site, one can easily get the codes for free.

You can request a free psn code on their facebook page


  • Use of a 14-day free trial


 Making use of a 14-day free trial is one of the most reliable methods for getting access to PlayStation codes. For this, you need to visit the official PlayStation page and sign up for the PSN Plus subscription trial. The 14-day trial tenure comes with the benefits of getting access to plus services. The only drawback is that you need to give them details of your credit card. However, the good news is that after 14 days you can terminate the service to avoid the amount from getting charged from credit card for the services rendered.


  • Signup for free psn code giveaway sites


There are several channels and websites that distribute gifts after regular intervals. Visting those sites and participating in their giveaways makes you eligible to win gift cards. All that you need to do is to subscribe to their channel and follow their page, like and comment on their posts. Then you would get their promotion and get free psn codes. To increase your chances of winning the code you need to follow the giveaway offers by the game channels on Youtube. You can also check their sites on special occasions to avail of the additional gift cards and coupons. During special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year the sites also provide giveaways that are offered by various game channels. You need to follow the steps required to stand a great chance of winning the contest.


  • Exchanging Giftcards for codes


Often when you shop from sites like Amazon, Myntra, Walmart, or other popular sites you get gift cards. The gift cards can be easily exchanged to get game codes. You can also post these gift cards on a community website or online platform in exchange for PSN codes.

 So these are a few PSN code generator ways. Did you find ways useful? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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