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Gone Home comes to Nintendo Switch: Is it 5 years too late?


Gone Home comes to Nintendo Switch: Is it 5 years too late?

The indie favorite Nintendo Switch has a new game, Gone Home, and support coming towards its way.  The Fulbright Company developed Gone Home in 2013.  The game will be released to Nintendo Switch’s e-Shop next week. Let’s take a look at what the game offered a couple of years back and whether or not the release to Nintendo Switch is favorable for gamers or not.

Gone Home was originally released on PCs and a few years later it made its way to consoles. However, when the game will come and hit Nintendo Switch, a whole new audience will be generated. The more the fans the better! The 90’s esque adventure that players have while playing the game is hard to miss and skip.

Let’s walk through Gone Home

Reminiscent of the famous thriller Gone Girl, Gone Home places you in the feet of a girl. A girl who was backpacking across Europe now comes home. Only that, home is a new mansion that her family has shifted into. Moreover, Kaitlin finds the house surprisingly empty! What follows is a note from your younger sister and the adventure around the house begins. You start familiarizing yourself with the unfamiliar house, and look for familiar things to piece together the puzzle of your missing family.

For the Mundane

Gone Home is a game of the mundane, for the mundane, played by the mundane. This ordinariness makes it all the more appealing. It places you and plays with you. It makes you question what is safe and what is not? What is true and what is not? What is the known? The trip down the lane called alienation is one that many of us have taken. But this time we see it through the eyes of another. You explore and poke through the house. Furthermore, you can shuffle through things and yourself. You will have to rifle through  all letters, drawers, cupboards, everything. Your sister Sam’s narration will provide you with clues.

Blast from the Past

The 90’s have not been presented overbearingly in Gone Home. Rather, the game subtly and beautifully layers the music and technology. The teenage life is presented in all its fieriness, passion, defiance and brilliance. For those who have crossed the threshold of nineteen will be able to look back at their own teenage years. This forces you to empathize and see the world through a teenage set of eyes and understand the dilemmas.

A game so Un-gamey

The setting is as un-gamey as can be. It is a quiet, slow paced game. The most thrill that you can feel is unlocking locked doors and finding mysterious keys. The game coming to Nintendo Switch is great, maybe a little late news for diehard fans looking forward to play it through another platform. More people will definitely be enjoying the 90’s and teenage life in Gone Home. It is a touching, honest, and compassionate game, one that you can probably be done within two hours maximum even on Nintendo Switch.

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