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Halo Infinite Xbox Release: The Game May Arrive this Year


Halo Infinite Xbox Release: The Game May Arrive this Year

Halo Infinite Xbox release is an event that everyone is waiting in 2018. Ever since 343 Industries announced Halo: Infinite in E3 2018 fans are trying to gain more information about the game. We have also managed to find a few details that fans will like to know. The main character Master Chief will set on an adventure in the upcoming installment Halo franchise.

After a release recently showed Halo Infinite would show up on PC and Xbox on December 8, Infinite inventive chief Joseph Staten affirmed the news during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live.

Xbox’s marketing manager has revealed that the game will feature a whole new storyline. The game will feature a new engine namely Slipspace. Moreover, the engine is still exclusive to Halo Infinite which will bring the game on a whole other level.

The game will be entirely focusing on the adventures of Master Chief. So far, we have known that the new engine looks amazing in the Halo: Infinite videos. The developers have claimed that fans will not only have a great time playing the game but also, they will know more about Master Chief. Furthermore, the game will continue on the events from Halo 5 and have a big impact on the Halo series overall storyline.

Halo Infinite Xbox Release: Battle Royale

Recently, a few rumors came out claiming that Halo: Infinite will feature a Battle Royale mode. But the developers clarified these rumors later on. In a social stream, a fan asked 343 Industries about the Battle Royale in Halo: Infinite. However, the developers clearly stated that the only BR in the game will be Battle Rifle. This made it very clear that fans should not expect this popular mode in this game.

Halo Infinite Xbox Release Date.

We know that the previous games of this series had a 3-year development cycle before completion. So, if we apply this logic the game should release this year as Halo 5 came in year 2015. However, Microsoft is yet to give a release window or date for the game. There’s also a chance for the game to release in early 2019. Bu we can’t say anything without official statements from the developers.

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