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How To Draw an Among Us Crew Mate, Rainbow Style


It’s Among Us, an online multiplayer game on teamwork in which players collaborate to determine who can and cannot be trusted within a community of people. This can be advantageous since it helps to sharpen children’s reasoning and social abilities, which is especially beneficial at times when children are stuck at home and in need of socializing.

The popularity of Among Us continues to grow, and it is an excellent pop culture supplement to any more traditional art education. It is much easier to sketch the bodies when they are treated as a canvas, as in a project about colours, therefore treating them as such is a win-win for everyone.

A brief reminder to students who are serious about replicating the two-tone grey shading on the visor: it is possible to do so without using paint. After more investigation, it was discovered that the Twistable Crayola grey crayon is ideal for the lighter shade while the conventional (paper) Crayola grey crayon is ideal for the darker shade. Teachers who are astute enough to transform this minor detail into a lesson on VALUE would also incorporate an Element of Art lesson into their day’s schedule.

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  • Draw a Rainbow Among Us Crew Mate
  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons


Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Rainbow Among Us Crew Mate

1.Make a huge upside-down U using your pencil.

2.Add the two legs that are listed below.

3.Extend the line to get the turned-body appearance.

4.Make an oval shape for the visor.

5.Remove the line from the inside of the visor.

6.Place the rucksack on the back of the bike.

7.Draw the shadow lines on the visor and the six curving colour lines on the visor with a light hand.


9. Now, rainbow coloring in the among us.



What does crewmate mean in among us?

The primary aim of a Crewmate is to perform all chores without being murdered by an Impostor, with the secondary goal of locating and ejecting all Impostors from the game world. Crewmates who have been slain or dismissed by An Impostor are transformed into ghosts…. All Crewmates (even ghosts) execute all of their assigned responsibilities in a timely manner.

How do you get mini crewmates?

To instruct the little crewmate to accompany your spaceman throughout the map, simply go to the laptop in the gaming lobby and type in the command. Select your partner from the list of pets you possess by selecting the Pet tab and then selecting your companion. That’s pretty much it in terms of content. You may obtain the small form of yourself in the game by following this straightforward procedure.

Can crewmates use vents?

This is being investigated by a new mod. A new “Among Us” mod, “Everyone Can Vent,” makes it possible for all players to take advantage of a feature that was previously only available to Impostors: venting. Crewmates can now use vents as well, thanks to the addition of this patch. However, unlike Impostors, they are only able to utilize it to travel between areas quickly and efficiently.

Do Among Us characters have names?

The name of your character in The Wolf Among Us is determined by you, the player. Changing your name is a straightforward procedure that may be completed prior to the commencement of a new round. Simply browse your way to the ‘Online’ menu and click on ‘Enter Name,’ after which you may replace your present title with something more intriguing and original.