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How to Eject a PS4 Disc


If you’ve only recently purchased a PlayStation 4, you may still be learning the ins and outs of how to use it properly. It’s a natural and very enjoyable aspect of the process of purchasing a new console. If you have a PlayStation 4 controller, for example, you may not be aware that you may switch on your system by pressing and holding the PlayStation button.

Moreover, you may be unsure of how to remove your CDs from the console. Despite the fact that it appears to be a simple process, some of the PS4 versions are not very clearly marked. So, here’s how to remove a PS4 disc from your system.

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How to Eject a PS4 Disc

When you first get your hands on new technology, there is usually a period of adjustment as you get to grips with how everything works. The first thing you’ll want to do after purchasing the latest PlayStation is learn how to alter all of the settings, download your favourite programmes, and remove your PlayStation 4 disc. That final aspect may appear to be overly clear, but believe us when we say that it is not as basic as you may think. When we initially acquired our PS4, we found ourselves in an awkward scenario after inserting a disc into the system and spending a few hours enjoying one of the top PS4 games. All well and good, but when it came time to evacuate the contraption, we were absolutely at a loss for words. This fast instruction on how to eject a PS4 disc was created to avoid anyone else from experiencing the same embarrassment that we did. To get you started, we’ve highlighted the invisible eject button on the original PS4 in the image below.

There you have it. All that is required of you is to push the button. That little, minuscule button. The one that is directly beneath the disc drive and in the crack. Do you see what I mean? Isn’t it simple?

With the PS4 Pro, the situation is the same. Take a look down the luminous line that extends downward from the power button until you reach the little symbol. It’s a little hard to find and a pain to activate, but it’s there nevertheless.

Sony has simplified the ejecting procedure significantly with the newest version of the regular PS4 (generally known as the PS4 Slim), by placing a physical, properly press able eject button next to the power button on the console.

That’s all. This is how you can eject the disc from the ps4.



Where is the CD eject button on a PS4?

It has two buttons: one on the left for power, and one on the right for ejecting discs. All of your machine’s buttons are located on the same bar on the front. This bar may be found at the bottom of the front centre area of your console’s front centre section.

Why wont my PS4 eject the disc?

Screwdriver into manual eject hole and spin counter-clockwise to remove the disc from the drive. It may be necessary to spin the screw multiple times. Remove the screw by pushing it through a layer of plastic that lies between the two halves of the screw. Don’t be concerned — this will have no effect on your warranty.