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How to Hide and Unhide Songs on Spotify


We all have our own reasons for concealing songs on Spotify, and we all have them. In some cases, it’s to help you get over your first major heartbreak. Other times, it brings up terrible memories of drunken evenings in clubs, where you’re barfing your guts out on the restroom floor, and you’re embarrassed about it.

A sudden need to listen to a certain music, on the other hand, might strike us out of nowhere. Spotify makes it simple to put your commitment to the test, much like a band-aid demanding to be taken off. For those who are bold enough to find out if that verse is still hurting them, here’s a brief method to both concealing and recovering tracks from your Spotify library.

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How to Hide a Song on Spotify

You will be unable to hide tracks from view while interacting with Spotify’s online or desktop clients. Information on how to conceal music on Spotify for Android and iOS devices may be found in the sections that follow.

A two-step method that takes less than a minute to complete will allow you to hide tunes from the Spotify app. In order to begin, locate the music by searching for it or by choosing it from a playlist on your computer.

Afterwards, you may access further options by clicking on the three dots icon next to the song’s title. From the drop-down option, select Hide music to complete the process. In the event that you have successfully concealed a song from view in the library, it will be greyed out and have a red button next to it.

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify

You must first adjust the Spotify app to reveal unplayable tracks before you can search for and retrieve a hidden song while using the app on iOS or Android.

To do so, open the Spotify application and select Settings > Playback from the drop-down menu. Then, on the left-hand side of the music list, select Hide Unplayable Songs from the drop-down menu.

To finish up, browse to the playlist that contains the songs that you’ve chosen to keep concealed. Continue scrolling down until you find the song that you wish to conceal, and then press the Hide button on your keyboard. Once this is done, the restored music will be immediately accessible for listening from your existing playlist.



Why can’t I unhide songs on Spotify?

To access the Spotify app’s settings, simply start it on your Android device and touch on the gear symbol at the top of the screen. From here, choose Playback Settings from the drop-down menu and select the option to “Show unplayable tracks.” Make sure to save your modifications, then return to any playlist and press on the Hide/Unhide option once again to make the music visible.

How do you unhide songs on Spotify mobile?

Start by using the Spotify mobile app on your Android or iOS device, then selecting the music you want to conceal or reveal. Locate the song you wish to conceal in either a playlist that is not your own or an album that is not your own. Select Hide this song or Hidden to unhide the song by pressing the arrows next to the song’s name. Press the arrows again to reveal the music.