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How to Set Clock on Samsung Microwave


The Samsung microwave is a simple appliance that can be used to defrost food, reheat leftovers, and cook certain foods. Microwaves use electricity to generate microwaves which are then radiating out of the antenna at the top of the unit. This process generates waves that penetrate food and cause it to cook through exposure to high temperatures. If you’re tired of your microwave clock being wrong or want to set it up for cooking times that are not in 30 second increments, this article will teach you how.

How To Set The Clock On Samsung Microwaves

The clock on a Samsung microwave is a 24 hour clock that does not have AM or PM designation. To set the time, you’ll need to press the time button and enter in the correct time.

In order to make sure your microwave has an accurate countdown timer, you can set it to any one of the following:

– 30 seconds

– 1 minute

– 10 minutes

– 20 minutes

– 30 minutes

Why Does My Microwave Clock Keep Changing?

Microwaves use alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). AC is the type of electricity that your home is wired with, and DC is the type of electricity found in batteries.

The alternating current pushes electrons in one direction and they go back the other way when it switches. This continuous push and pull is what makes microwaves work. The waves generated by microwaves cause water molecules to vibrate, which in turn heats up food.

The microwave clock on your microwave oven has a small light bulb inside that lights up when you start cooking food or press a button to show how long it will take for your food to be ready. However, if you have a digital microwave oven, the timer may not show up on your display because it doesn’t have a light bulb inside.

In order for the clock to keep accurate time, it needs an electric charge from either AC or DC power sources. When you plug your appliance into an outlet, the clock gets this charge from AC power. But if you have an older oven with a mechanical timer, then you need to give it a new battery from time to time or replace its old one entirely with a new one.

When you change the frequency of DC power going into

Set The Time For Your Samsung Microwave

If you’re trying to set the time on a Samsung microwave, first press and hold the MENU button. This will open up a new menu with a clock on it.

Next, select the clock icon and then select “TIME SET.” You can use the arrows to change the time if needed.

Finally, hit enter to set the time for your Samsung microwaves.

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Should I set my microwave clock to be right on the dot or should I wait until the end of my cycle?

-If you are using your microwave for cooking, you might want to have it be on the dot. If you are only using it for heating up food or defrosting, then it is not recommended to set your microwave clock to be perfect.

Can I adjust the cook time if I am cooking something else too?

-You can adjust the cook time by pressing the “Time” button again and entering in a new time. For example, if you are reheating some soup that cooked for 4 minutes with 3 minutes left, pressing “Time” again will allow you to enter an additional 3 minutes.

What is the easiest way to change what my seconds are in increments of?

-To change what your seconds are in increments of, press “Cook Time” and use the arrow buttons on your remote until your desired setting appears.


Samsung microwaves come with an easy-to-use interface for setting the time, but some people experience issues with the clock on their microwave changing. If this is the case, the time set on your microwave may simply need to be updated.