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How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV


This post will walk you through the process of installing YouTube TV on an Apple TV. The steps outlined in this article are only applicable to later-generation Apple TVs that are running tvOS 14 or later. YouTube TV is compatible with earlier versions of tvOS as well, although the specific processes and menu titles may be slightly different.

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How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV

Do you want to watch videos on YouTube TV on your Apple TV? Installing the app and connecting it to your subscription is the first step in the process. This is what you should do:

1. Launch the App Store application using your Apple TV.

How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV

2. Try searching for YouTube TV, then clicking the result of the search.

How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV

3. To begin downloading and installing the YouTube TV app on your Apple TV, select Get from the menu, and then select Get once more. Click the Open button once the application has finished downloading and installing.

How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV

4. You are unable to subscribe straight from within the application at this time. Followed by clicking the Sign In button, subscribe to YouTube TV.

How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV

5. Open a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet and follow the instructions that appear on screen to sign in to your YouTube TV account. You can do this by opening a web browser.

How to Set Up YouTube TV on Apple TV

6. Your Apple TV app account will be connected to your account as soon as you have successfully signed into your account on your computer or other device. At this moment, the application will immediately transfer you to the webpage, at which time you can begin watching television.


Is YouTube TV compatible with Apple TV?

What you absolutely must be aware of. There are currently no plans to add 5.1 compatibility for YouTube TV to the Apple TV platform. This week, the 5.1 update for the platform was made available to Google, Android, and Roku devices. On the other hand, it claims that it is unable to provide a timetable for the distribution on Apple devices.

Is YouTube TV free on Apple TV?

A premium add-on called “4K Plus” is available for purchase through YouTube TV. This add-on provides access to some 4K videos, offline downloads, and unlimited simultaneous streams on your local network. After the initial thirty days of free access, the add-on will cost you $19.99 per month (or $99.99 for the first year).

How do you update YouTube on Apple TV?

Visit the App Store on your Apple TV using the device. Try looking for an app called YouTube. Choose the app called YouTube. Select Update.

What is needed for YouTube TV?

You don’t need a cable box to watch on your television.

YouTube TV is compatible with a variety of streaming media platforms, including Roku players and TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. Additionally, there are apps for smart TVs and game consoles that are compatible with YouTube TV. Say goodbye with a kiss to that dusty cable box.

Why is my YouTube TV not working?

If you’re having trouble streaming video or audio through the app while using your phone or another device, force quit the programme and then resume it. If you are streaming anything on your computer, you should exit your web browser completely and then restart it. Check to determine if YouTube TV is operational once the application or browser has finished starting back up.