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How To Win Among Us – Tips And Tricks


Online murder-mystery game Among Us is popular. “Crewmates” are groups of four to ten players. “Imposters” are chosen at random from a pool of up to three players. The purpose of the imposters is to kill as many crew members as possible while avoiding detection. Emergency meetings will be called and a vote will be taken to determine who the imposter is if the crew suspects there is one. The map is redrawn based on the number of votes cast. The crewmates win after all of the imposters are expelled. However, if there are as many imposters as there are crew members, the imposters will prevail. This article shows you how to fine-tune your tactics and win as both an imposter and a crew member in Among Us.

Tips To Win The Game As A Detective Crew Member

Trick 1: Staying together in a group

Unless you are travelling with your crewmates, the imposters will not have the opportunity to kill you.. The most important thing is to avoid being killed. To avoid being killed by more than one imposter, you will need to move around in a group of five in order to avoid being shot. Keep in mind, though, that if a group of impostors band together, they have the potential to multi-kill. Look out for occurrences that were arranged with the intent of purposefully killing crew members in order to break up the organization.

Trick 2: Keep an eye on the crew completing tasks

If you want to win the game, you can’t just put your faith in your crew members and assume they’re doing their jobs as they’re supposed to. The taskbar will fill up if they are genuinely working on something. It will take some time to perform all of these chores. They just can’t get a job done in a flash. A good example of this would be waking up if you saw someone start the reactor within a second. It is a fake.

Trick 3: Keep the vents and fresh kills in mind

If you want to win the game, you need to be mindful that the imposters can use vents. There is a connection between the vents.

A dead body in an upright position can be found after passing someone. Don’t put your faith in your co-workers without verifying them first. They’ll need a compelling reason to defend their innocence during the voting process.

Trick 4: Common tasks

Because no one else has a similar task if you don’t, it can be a great way to uncover the imposter. There is no doubt that a fellow crew member is an imposter if you see them doing something you are not capable of.

Trick 5: Use visual tasks to confirm true Crewmates and to prove your innocence

The visual tasks overpower you to find out who are your “true” crewmates, so do not waste them. Tasks are only performed by crewmates, and if you see someone performing a task, you can be 100% sure that they are not imposters. Visual tasks can also help you prove your innocence in an emergency meeting.

Tips To Win The Game As An Imposter

Trick 1: Always vote with the group

When you’re an imposter, you have to keep your true identity a secret. Vote only if there is substantial evidence against the player you wish to remove. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself by voting differently from the rest of the crew, so always vote with the group.

Trick 2: Eliminate your victims wisely

Due to the fact that the imposters are unable to execute any duties, even the visual ones necessary to demonstrate one’s innocence. Your goal is to get rid of the people you know and trust, because you don’t want them to form a group and devise a plan to identify the imposter together. You can better blend in if you don’t kill any of the other members of the crew.

Trick 3: Use the vents as an advantage

Because the vents can only be used by imposters, you have an easy way to sneak away from the crime scene and avoid being discovered. You have easy access to them, so you may dispatch your prey fast and slip away unnoticed.

Trick 4: Don’t ignore the cameras

Crew members can see you stab or kill someone if you aren’t careful enough to keep your distance. Be wary if you see a red light blinking at you. Cameras aren’t a big deal, but if you want to know who’s been spying on you, you can just walk into the security room. You can even pretend to be a member of the crew by viewing the cameras. You’ll be able to acquire the respect of your coworkers if you do this.

Trick 5: Crowd kill

It may be difficult to single out a fellow crew member for execution if you don’t have a strategy in place. As long as crew members are working in the dark, you can damage the lights and appear to be fixing them so you can easily stab one of them and have the kill recorded right away. Due to the large number of crew members, no one will be able to identify the imposter. Make sure you don’t go overboard with this tactic in order to avoid raising suspicion.

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