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Intel Ice Lake-SP 10nm CPUs Expected to Roll into Markets in 2020


Ice Lake-SP 10nm CPUs Expected to Roll into Markets in 2020

News from Intel is that the latest of Xeon CPUs models, the Ice Lake-SP 10nm CPUs, would be available for purchase in 2020, much to the excitement of those awaiting their release. Intel claims that the Ice Lake CPUs would be a new platform which would be positioned into the market, one that would incorporate significant process improvements and therefore offer much better productivity than its predecessors.

It won’t be until 2020 that the Ice Lake-SP 10nm CPUs are launched but Intel is preparing for their release because it is wary of stiff competition from competitors such as AMD. AMD is challenging Intel’s latest line-up of Xeon CPUs models with its range of EPYC processors, notably the 7nm Zen 2-based EPYC processors. So Intel would have to chalk out a very thought-after marketing strategy to retain market share and not lose it out to AMD as it has in other markets.

Although there are claims of high performance that the new line of Xeon CPUs models from Intel is set to offer, these are as yet claims as such, and Intel has disappointed customers in the past as well. Therefore, it remains to be seen how much improvement the processors will offer to customers and if their price tag is worth the performance upgrades they are offering to undecided customers.

Not only that, but it is also being said that security has a direct impact with the performance of processor cores. For instance, cases such as that of Spectre have proven this to be true. This is why it would be expected of Intel to take measures for such incidences in the Ice Lake-SP 10nm Xeon CPUs models that it aims to launch. If the processors are made so that these issues are taken care of, users would rest assured that their PC’s would not take a hit on their performance if they are attacked by malware.

All-in-all therefore, what can be said is that the Ice Lake-SP 10nm processors are among the anticipated Xeon CPUs models which are expected to have some amount of impact on the market. Based on their actual specs, they can snatch away market share from competitors or lose it out as a result of towering claims but poor actual performance. So waiting and watching would reveal the inside story that surrounds the Ice Lake-SP 10nm processors from Intel.

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