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Important Things to Know about Web watcher and Other Monitoring Apps


The addiction to electronic gadgets got a pump during a pandemic. The use didn’t restrict to entertainment only but online classes and work from home became the trend. This brought a new era of digitalization. A large number of businesses switched to the online world making the internet a necessity of life. Along with bringing comfort level at your doorsteps, the use of the internet came up with a dark side which includes, increase in cybercrimes, cyberbullying, and leak of sensitive information. This not only affected adults but kids also became prey to the online giant. Webwatcher is one such app that can rescue your kid from any mishap. In this write-up, you will read about important things to know about webwatcher and other monitoring apps.

How the online world has affected the lives of people?

Advantages of using internet

The use of the internet has made everything easily available at just a few clicks. You place an order and the product reaches you within the mentioned time limit. You can even return it, in case you do not like it. Everything from cheapest to the most expensive is available online. Isn’t it awesome?

Not only this, the use of apps like zoom, skype, etc has given a better work environment. No matter wherever you are, you can attend the meets n calls.

The kids had to miss a year of their schools if the online apps would not have been there. All thanks to digitalization, the kids are studying well.

Disadvantages of using internet

As everything comes with its pros and cons, internet use has also many disadvantages. The cases of cybercrime have increased. The kids have become more prone to online predators. They try to collect sensitive data from kids with their sweet talks. Kids being innocent many times share the data that can put their family into trouble.

Increasing the use of the internet has given heights to cyberbullying. The cases of kids committing suicide have increased. Also the unwanted or misappropriate content coming up in between the kids’ videos or other online activities plays a great role in distracting their minds.

Reading about all the disadvantages, you must be thinking of keeping your kids away from the online world. But practically, this is not possible as eventually, they will need it for academic reasons.

Although you cannot change what’s happening but being a parent you must keep watching what your kids are doing online. To help you in tracking there are a lot of parental control apps available online.

One of them is Webwatcher, perfect monitoring software for parents.

Important Things to Know About Webwatcher and Other Monitoring Apps

  • What a parenting app does and why you need it? 

A parenting monitoring software informs you about every website your child visit, what they search, and their communication mediums like email or chat. Not only the websites but you can even track the text messages, phone calls, and apps your child installs on mobile phones. You can even block misappropriate content popping up in between. In short, you can track every activity of your child.

  • How to choose the best app?

Although there are many parenting control apps available in the market but remember all of them do not provide the same features. Therefore, it is important to know which app is best for you.

For example, your kid uses an android phone and you use apple, so you should choose the app that supports both.

Also, check if you are getting 24-hour support from the technical team as you may need it anytime. Features like keystroke monitoring, GPS, recovering of deleted messages, etc. should be available.

Some apps like Webwatcher offer a free 7 days trial that can help you decide if this app is right for you.

How to install a web watcher?

Installing a webwatcher is quite simple.

It just requires you to sign up by first purchasing the subscription and installing the app.

Once the installation is done, you are set to monitor your child’s mobile phone. You will get all the information in your email and you can check it at your convenience. You can even view the call history videos, photos, visited websites, or any other activity that took place on mobile.

The best part is this app is not easily detectable. So fewer chances of getting caught.

So what are thinking? If you also have kids at home, install the app, and save them from the negativity of the online world.

Hope this write-up helps you.








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