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Initial Game Offering Platform and a Lot More to Know About it


Initial Game Offering Platform

IGO and Blockchain Technology

IGO is an interesting platform that looks to use blockchain technology to disrupt the game industry. Their team has a lot of experience and they seem to have a solid plan for the future. The IGO token also functions as a voting token which gives holders a say in how the platform is run. This could be a major advantage over other crpyto investments.

Initial Game Offering Binance

IGOs, or Initial Game Offering, are NFT assets from top-tier gaming projects available exclusively on Binance NFT. The assets can launch either via auction, fixed price or mystery boxes. You can apply here for your IGO.

Initial Game Offering (IGO) is a new crowdfunding platform that claims to have built their own blockchain. They are seeking to raise funds through the sale of their own tokens, called IGO.

Vision According to IGO’s website

According to IGO’s website , “Our vision begins with crypto-gaming need. And ends with community building and social interaction with everyone involved in the world of gaming.”

They go on to say that they will be focusing on developing specific games with particular features for this market. These include an ability to use cryptocurrencies in game, disintermediate centralized payment processors like PayPal, real assets can be used by players, cross-game compatibility between games developed by different studios using the same protocols and more.

How IGO tokens will be used

IGO tokens will also function as voting tokens by players. Each token will be split into 100,000,000 IGO and each IGO will represent a vote for this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

IGO is made up of two companies: Reality Reflection and ZenSoft. Reality Reflection is a Korean-based company that specializes in creating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content and software .

They have developed their own Augmented Reality SDK called KlaytnOS ARK which aims to speed up the creation of new AR apps and games as well as increase the size of the AR market as a whole. They currently operate one successful game called Geomino which has been operating for roughly four years now. The other half of IGO is ZenSoft, a US-based company formed by MIT and Harvard graduates which currently operates one successful VR Studio called zGames.

The Aim of IGO

IGO aims to realize disruptive innovation in the game industry by liberating players from various disadvantages associated with existing centralized platforms, i.e. financial risks due to unstable game payment systems, moral jeopardies resulting from unethical practices of centralized companies, unfair revenue distribution, and so on.

The development team has significant experience and a robust plan for the future. The idea of using blockchain technology to disrupt the game industry is interesting and could lead to some impressive results. The IGO token also functions as a voting token which gives holders a say in how the platform is run. This could be a major advantage over other platforms in the space. However, there are several other projects that are also looking to use blockchain technology to disrupt the game industry. It will be interesting to see how IGO stacks up against these competitors.

Focus of IGO on Developing Specific Games for Crypto Community

One thing that could set IGO apart is their focus on developing specific games with features that cater to the cryptocurrency community. If they can execute this well, it could lead to a strong user base and more success for the platform. Overall, IGO seems like a solid project with a lot of potential. Are you interested to see how they progress in the future? Tell us in contact us form.