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7 Ways Instruction Videos Can Make Your Job Easy When It Comes To Selling Products

Michael Hunt


Instructional videos are being made by companies to ease the onboarding process for clients. They make marketing easier for sales teams and product promotions a breeze. If you’re a business thinking of starting your own instructional series, we’ll tell you what they are and seven reasons (along with tips) you should be using them.

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What Is An Instructional Video?

An instructional video is a tutorial that shows users how your product works. It tells viewers step-by-step how to install land use it, fixes for any problems you run into, tips and tricks, and how to do up any upgrades/updates to it.

Why Make Them?

To make it simple, instructional videos act like a guide that show your product in action. It reveals different concepts, solutions, and gives an overview of its features. Potential clients or new customers often look up for demo videos or instructional clips before they decide to make a purchase. Also, seeing the step-by-step process for your using your software makes it easier for them to decide whether or not to invest.

7 Ways They Can Make Your Job Easy When It Comes To Selling Products (+tips and examples)

Let’s get down to how to go about making them and seven ways they can change your marketing results.

1. Numbers Back It Up

According to a TechSmith research report:

  • Over 53% of people watch instructional videos over 2-3x a week!
  • Most users prefer watching an instructional clip just for the video title and description
  • Many users look for instructional videos online in search engines before trying out a product, and most prefer it to be between 3 to 5 minutes long
  • Instructional clips that are just below the 20-minute mark tend to do great among viewers

Numbers never lie, because even Google says it.

2. Provides 24/7 Support

What if a user runs into a problem in the middle of the night, and your customer service team isn’t available to answer questions? When you’re building a brand, you may not be able to offer 24×7 assistance and support. Instructional clips take the pressure off your team and answer some of the most frequently asked questions through video.

3. Saves Time And Money

Imagine you’re a brand that makes how-to-draw videos. True, it would be easier to conduct creative workshops and live seminars, but you won’t always find the time. Also, setting up live meetings cost money.

Any how-to videos you make for your products, they can be viewed anytime and anywhere. Which means you don’t have to host meetings or workshops often.

4. People Love Em’ On Social Media

Twitter loves instructional videos, and social media users prefer sharing them. If you’ve got an amazing product and good instructional guides on how to use it, chances are – they’ll be shared online. Retweets are the best sign of this.

5. More Engagement

Reasons are unknown as to why these videos have a wider reach compared to traditional promo videos. But when you make short and long clips that demonstrate the product, you get more people watching. From Millennials, Gen Z viewers, and even baby boomers, adult learners are more likely to view your videos since it makes learning easier for them.

Think about it – people learn better through visuals over texts. It’s been proven time and time again. To make your viewers learn actively throughout the video, encourage them to take notes. Research shows that when learners take notes and are asked questions/quizzes throughout instructional videos, they retain information much better.

You can use facebook ad templates to do this for your Facebook or Instagram posts. Just drag and drop your questions on the clips and you’re good to go.

6. Your Personality Shines Through

An instructional video where you talk about concepts or show your learners how to do stuff is good. But the main reason brands make instructional series is to let their personality shine through and be authentic. For example, Demi Lager’s video for middle school science students explains the different states of matter. The students may not be interested in the topic at the start, but since she adds humor and a bit of fun throughout, it makes them get interested.

This applies to your audience too. If you’re marketing a product people may not be interested in, you can do that better by showing your true side. Make your content relatable and be down-to-earth without trying to oversell.

7. Makes Users Productive

Nobody wants to wait for hours to get answers to their questions. Videos like these give your users a quick start. The more productive they become by using your services, the more likely they are to refer it to their friends.

Videos that include teacher-blended segments tend to do better than plain instructional ones. Even if you don’t have the proper equipment to make these videos, as long as you put the time in creating high-quality content – you will notice they do well.

Other Tips

Sit down with your marketing team and work on a storyboard and script before you start creating these. Organizing your instructional videos into playlists or series will also help your viewers navigate through your content. Also, when you’re making these videos, use a good quality microphone for the sound. Audio quality is often an overlooked aspect when it comes to making these videos. If you’re looking for video editors or programs that help you make instructional videos, we’ve got good news for you. InVideo has a great outro maker and a video editor that takes care of this.


Your first few instructional videos won’t be bestsellers in terms of viewership. But over time, as you create content, you will get better at it. Hopefully, these seven reasons have convinced you. When you make instructional videos, it helps you stand out since your audience knows that you’re serious about what you do. And if you think about it – it makes sense.

After all, who would want to buy a product for which there’s no support or demos?

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