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Iron Fist Season 2 Reveals Powers And Origin Of Typhoid Mary


Alice Eve’s debut in the second season of Iron Fist promises the explanation of MCU powers and origin of Typhoid Mary. Marvel’s Iron Fist has been keeping many things from us, but the second season answers many questions. Typhoid Mary appears as Mary Walker at the beginning of the trailer of Iron Fist season 2. This gives a certain glimpse into the early years of Mary’s life as she sketches art like a simple demure girl. She is casually hanging out in a coffee shop which shows that she was just a regular girl. Check below to find out the answers that this new season has in store.

Iron Fist Season 2 Reveals Powers And Origin Of Typhoid Mary

Here Comes “Mary” In Iron Fist 2

Before you go on to read anything further and you don’t like spoilers, well then, a fair warning to you because you’re about to run into spoilers if you continue down this track. So, Mary is shown as a sweet girl who likes her work done with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. That’s where she runs into Danny Rand, the two quickly get along. As the story progresses we learn that Mary isn’t what she seems to be. While our sweet Mary has been getting to know Danny and Colleen, Joy Meachum and Davos already have plans for Danny by hiring “Walker” and having him tailed and to get extensive reports on his movements.

Mary Has Two Personalities In Iron Fist 2

As the story progresses we learn that Mary has two clear personalities in her head. Sometimes you’ll see her as a sweet artist, and then you can also see her as former special forces operative who has been relieved of her duty due to certain mental health issues. It seems that Walker is highly skilled in combat. Danny also gets a taste of this as Walker ambushes him. Danny is then drugged and delivered to Davos who steal the iron fist by performing a ritual. But it seems that most of them start to fear walker and her wrath as she moves on to close loose ends with Danny, Colleen and Misty Knight all against her. Joy manages to escape from Walkers wraith.

Iron Fist Season 2 Reveals Powers And Origin Of Typhoid Mary

Walker then tries helping Danny stop Davos but, in the process, her personality jumps to Mary and abandons Danny. You will also see a Walker flashback in which you will find out how she lost her special forces team on a mission which goes extremely south in Sokovia. She is then tortured and attains her dual personality. One of her personality manages to escape and murder the entire population of the Sokovian camp and leaving her confused with no recollection of what happened at the camp from where she is extracted. In the season finale we’re left on a cliffhanger as Walker helps Danny and the others bring down Davos, but with no information about the third personality which is likely to be the “Typhoid Mary” the assassin persona. All in all, it turns out to be quite an action-packed season and worth watching.


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