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What are Kegel Exercises and Why you Should do that?


What are Kegel Exercises and Why you Should do that?

Pelvic floor exercises and kegel exercises are the terms used interchangeably. These exercises involve contraction and relaxation of your muscles located in the pelvic region. Pelvic region is the area between your hips that hold your reproductive organs and pelvic floor muscles are the muscles around your pubic, stretching to the back of the spine. Both men and women can experience weak pelvic floor in the later ages of their life which results in incontinence of urine and you may experience urine leaks while coughing or sneezing. So these simple exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Spot your Kegel Muscles:

It’s tricky to locate your kegel muscles before getting started. You’re passing the urine and suddenly stop the flow of urine in midstream that’s where you used your regal muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles regulate the flow of urine and thus a leaky bladder is a result of weak kegel muscles.

Why and When you should do Kegel Exercises?

  • For men, after prostate surgery
  • For women, after pregnancy, childbirth or genealogic surgery
  • If your bladder is leaky or overactive
  • Fecal incontinence (leak stools) and stress incontinence
  • Helps in increasing your organismic potential
  • Enhances the quality of your life

Kegel Exercise for Women

Lie on the floor with your legs slightly apart, relax your thigh, abdomen muscles and buttocks, and support your feet on the floor. Make sure your bladder is empty

Squeeze the muscles around your vagina and back passage and lift them up and inside straight for 5 sec and then relax. Repeat the steps for 4, 5 times.

You can also put a pillow under your pelvis and lie with the back facing roof and face facing the floor and gain lift and squeeze pelvic opening and hold for 5, 10 sec and relax .big breaths in and out!

Kegel Exercises for Men:

Follow the first step mentioned above

Now Squeeze and lift up the muscles around your back passage and draw them in. your testis will lift at the same time. Hold them for 5, 10 sec and relax. These quick sessions of tightening and relaxation would help to build the strength of kegel muscles. Keep squeezing and keep breathing!

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