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Kotaku: Microsoft has almost bought studio Obsidian Entertainment


Obsidian Entertainment

Kotaku editor-in-chief, Jason Schreier said that Microsoft has practically acquired the studio Obsidian Entertainment. According to Schreier, Microsoft is close to closing the acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment. It comes to know that the transaction has already been completed by 90%.

Many people may be surprised about this deal. As you know, Obsidian has an unpleasant experience working with Microsoft. The studio made the big budget role-playing game Stormlands.

The Obsidian Entertainment decided to make this deal because Microsoft can provide the company with resources. Also, ensure stability in recent years. Obsidian Entertainment has relied on the support of fans. Also, raised funds for game development through Kickstarter.

For Microsoft, the acquisition of the studio Obsidian Entertainment will be a logical step. Recently, the company has actively promising medium-sized studios. Microsoft decided to pay more attention to the PC gaming market. Obsidian Entertainment is famous for its excellent PC projects.

Microsoft declined to comment on Kotaku information, but if the deal is really in the final stages, then the official announcement will not have to wait long.

At the end of 2017, studio Obsidian Entertainment  announced the creation of a new RPG project. It was published by the Private Division . If the information is confirmed, then the project can be exclusive for Windows and Xbox One.

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