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Layers of Fear (2024) – How to Solve the Telephone Puzzle


One of the longest puzzles in Layers of Fear is the telephone puzzle found in Chapter Five of the Painter’s Story. To get out of the twisted workplace, you’ll need to find your way through tight passageways and look for clues. Players must ring three distinct phone numbers to complete the telephone puzzle to advance. You will learn how to solve the telephone puzzle in layers of terror by reading this article:

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How to Solve the Telephone Puzzle

Players must ring three separate 3-digit numbers to accomplish this puzzle after going through the Painter’s Office and discovering the hidden area behind the bookshelf with the ringing phone. The objective is to locate the second three-digit number by getting one three-digit number, ringing it on the phone, and then waiting for another phone to ring. Let’s look at the methods for obtaining each three-digit number.

How to Get the First Phone Number

There will be a phone on the desk when you approach it once you arrive at the workplace in Chapter Five with the Babyface image. Engage with the bookcase close to the source of the disturbance to uncover a hidden chamber. You’ll have to dial a specific number after you pick up the phone in order to continue.

Layers of Fear (2023) - How to Solve the Telephone Puzzle

Returning to the Painter’s Office and examining the Babyface portrait will yield the first phone number. The first number, 636, can be found by opening the message enclosed in the picture. Follow the sound of another phone ringing while using the phone to dial this number.

How to Get the Second Phone Number

There’s a door now in the hidden path; open it and walk along the corridor that leads to the other side. It leads to the top of an office bookshelf, so take caution not to fall out the other side. You will see a door where the hidden path was from the office.

Layers of Fear (2023) - How to Solve the Telephone Puzzle

Take cautious not to trip at the end of the lengthy hallway as you follow it. Reach for the ringing phone by hugging the left wall and going up the stairs. Once you pick up the phone, a bookcase will fall in front of you as you move towards the edge. You may find the next number, 853, on that bookcase.

How to Get the Third Phone Number

When you are at your limit, light the candles to reveal stairs and continue your ascent. To go to the third phone, you’ll need to push through a board to make a bridge across the room and then turn right. Respond to it and head back to the office.

Layers of Fear (2023) - How to Solve the Telephone Puzzle

Continue walking along the route until you come to stairs lit by candles. The third and last phone is accessible by pushing the plank to form a temporary bridge. Once you answer it and make your way back to the office, you’ll see five paintings with numbers on them spread out over the space. The final three-digit number, 354, will become visible if you match them with the numbers behind the phone.


What is the safe code in Layers of Fear?

Go back to the light switch and flip the room back to dark, which will flip the room back to its original, upside-down position. Now that the safe is within reach once more, players will want to open it and discover that the piece of paper contains the code (10-70-90) to open it.

How many chapters are in Layers of Fear 2024?

Divided across multiple segments, The Writer’s Story acts as a framing element for Layers of Fear. With that exception, Layers of Fear is divided into thirteen chapters overall.

Is Layers of Fear 2024 scary?

Bloober Team’s masterpiece, Layers of Fear (2024), is a must-play for atmospheric horror enthusiasts who haven’t played the series’ original titles. Pulling together all the loose ends and keeping you on the edge of your seat, Layers of Fear is an excellent conclusion to a terrifying series.

What happened to the wife in Layers of Fear?

Rather, she killed herself in the bathtub because she was fed up with their arguments, his carelessness, and her perception that he was more interested in his paintings than in her.

What is the loop ending in Layers of Fear?

He finishes the portrait of his lovely wife that he intended to be his masterpiece in the “Loop” ending, but it quickly turns into a hideous image. Then he throws it into a room full of eerily similar images that mock him.