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Like a Dragon Gaiden – Find the Terrifying Beings


Once more, you will need to snap a picture of the peculiar Puzzle Solving Girl in the Stijl Bar. You’re going to search for three “Terrifying Beings” this time. The popular substory system of the Yakuza series receives a welcome update from the Akame Network in Like a Dragon Gaiden, giving players a central hub for accepting and managing the game’s side missions and requests. One of those missions that can easily stump players unfamiliar with Sotenbori’s terrain is “Find the terrifying beings.” This post will describe how to locate the terrifying creatures in the area, such as dragon guardians:

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How to Start ‘Find The Terrifying Beings’

Take the elevator to the Stijl Shot Bar, then go talk to the Puzzle Solving Girl who is leaning against one of the walls near the bar. She will inform Kiryu that ‘three terrifying beings’ have materialized in Sotenbori and ask Kiryu to snap a photo of them so she can see it.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - Find the Terrifying Beings

Where to Start the “Capture the Terrifying Beings”

Nestled at the western end of Sotenbori Street, Shot Bar Stijl is where Joryu starts her journey to fulfill this request. The first step is to go to the bar on the second floor by using the building’s elevator, which is accessible through the street level entrance.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - Find the Terrifying Beings

Locate and engage with the Puzzle-Solving Girl inside Shot Bar Stijl. She is positioned against the back wall of the establishment. She tells Joryu that “three incredibly strong beings” have appeared nearby. Joryu has given her a simple yet enigmatic task: photograph these enigmatic creatures in Sotenbori.

How to Complete “Capture the Terrifying Beings”

Interpreting the puzzle-solving girl’s clues is the main task of this quest. She suggests that each creature has a special talent: one breathes fire, another calls forth lightning, and the third is poisonous. It turns out, though, that these “terrifying beings” pose no real threat. Instead, they serve as accents to the bright urban landscape of Sotenbori, enhancing nearby businesses’ signage and interior design.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - Find the Terrifying Beings

Joryu has to take a single picture of all three of the fabled creatures to complete the “Capture the Terrifying Beings” request. Joryu must take a picture of all three creatures together; pictures showing only one or two of them won’t meet the quest’s requirements.

Joryu has to take careful aim to photograph these creatures in one shot. The best location for this project is just west of Shot Bar Stilj, at the intersection of W Sotenbori Street and the magnificent Cabaret Grand. At this point, Joryu should turn to face Stilj. He will see the three entities there: the thunder god over Sunrise, the pufferfish over a nearby restaurant, and a dragon atop Kinryu Ramen.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - Find the Terrifying Beings

To take the picture, Joryu needs to use his phone’s camera, accessed by tapping the D-Pad or the letter “C” on the keyboard. Aim for the thunder god until you see a confirmation prompt. This indicates that the photo you took satisfies the requirements of the quest. After taking the picture, go back to Stilj’s Puzzle-Solving Girl to claim Joryu’s prize, which is ¥25,000, and Akame Network Points.


Is like a dragon gaiden a spin off?

As Serious As A Dragon The latest entry in the cherished Yakuza series is Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. In this spin-off, players assume the role of Kazuma Kiryu, the longtime protagonist of the series, who was replaced in Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon by Ichiban Kasuga, a newcomer.

Who is the protagonist in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

From the viewpoint of Kazuma Kiryu, the previous protagonist of the Like a Dragon series, Like a Dragon Gaiden fills in the gaps between Yakuza 6, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. The story primarily takes place in 2019, with some scenes taking place in 2020 and 2023.

Is Majima in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

Like a Dragon Gaiden reunites Kiryu and Majima in person, bringing about one of their most authentic and meaningful exchanges to date.

Is Like a Dragon Gaiden turn based?

Unlike earlier Kazuma Kiryu games, combat in Like a Dragon Gaiden takes place in real time rather than on a turn-based system. The primary distinction is Kazuma’s new, unusual fighting style.

What should I play before Like a Dragon Gaiden?

While it’s not required, I would strongly advise it. Like a Dragon Gaiden attempts to bring new players up to speed through exposition and flashbacks, but if you haven’t played Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, you’ll be missing out on a lot of content.