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Mastodon Is The Best Way To Kill Time If You Are Tired Of Twitter


People have been complaining about the violence promoting content on Twitter lately and there is a huge demand set for Mastodon. According to them, they turn to Twitter for entertainment and to kill leisure time. But now Twitter has become a home to spam content and political battles which spoil their day. The continued controversies and conflicts out there keep people in a race of spreading hateful messages. People claim that this has disrupted their peace of mind and spiritual health.

Mastodon Is The Best Way To Kill Time If You Are Tired Of Twitter

Mastodon Is The Famous Alternative To Twitter

This has left them hanging as they do not want to be a part of all the restlessness prevailing there. They do not need to worry as the internet is full of alternative sites which are more active in policing content. Mastodon is one of the most approached and famous alternatives to Twitter. The ambiance on the site is quite friendly and healthy as there is no or negligible hate speech there. It is even easier to make friends on this site as you can easily find your acquaintances there.

It is a community run micro-blogging site divided into many small chunks. The chunks combine together to form a ‘Federation’ which serves all the chunks and users. These small blogging chunks are ‘instances’ which do not have a single server or URL. Mastodon is more fun as users can ‘toot’ their posts and ‘boost’ those of other users. This tooting and boosting is a great way of spending spare time as compared to retweeting bashful words.

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