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[Solved] Mobile Legends Guide, How to Collect Free Battle Points, Free Cash and Diamonds



Mobile legends is developed and published by Moonton since 11th July, 2016 it’s a kind of Multiplayer game which has massive battles, Here will tell you about mobile legends hack and how you can get its resources, resources of any game are most important to keep playing that game so Mobile Legends has Diamonds, Cash, Coins and Battle Points. Now

Why there is a need to have Diamonds, and Battle Points in Mobile Legends

mobile legends


How this game Mobile Legends is played, In this game all you have to do is to destroy the enemy base and to defend your base by controlling the trail three known lanes known as “upper lane”, “middle lane and the lower lane which connects the bases. in this game your team will have five players who will be controlling an avatar which is also sometimes known as a hero. These cash and coins helps to customize the equipment builds for each hero as you can equip them better and in a way can upgrade so you can win every battle BANG BANG .

How to Collect Free Cash, Coins & Battle Points in Mobile Legends

You can Use mobile legends hack tool, the very first way of collecting free cash is while playing game you can collect them as its available when you are fighting and as there are Rewards available when you open the game and you get them in form chest and these chest are for free these free chest gives you Esp, Battle Points, Tickets , Magic Dust and Jundle Emblem Fragments too though these can vary each time in amount and resource types.

Moreover there are daily quests for which you need to complete tasks on daily basis as soon as you will be completing your tasks the loading bar will keep loading and in return of completing daily quests you will get rewards. These free chest appear after every approximately 4 hours so these are one of the best ways to get free battle pass and diamonds. No we are heading towards getting free battle passes, below are the steps for you to follow

  • First you need to have a double BP card I will explain the reason for it later
  • Second Play brawl in A.I because in classic and rank takes some time to finish now play the game
  • Take note 5 games with double bp card equals to 10,000 BP and if you do not have a double BP card then it is going to take 17 games and a game takes around 3 minutes it’s up to you ,Now enjoy playing the game. Once game is finished you have got them!

So, now I will tell you reason for going for to double the BP card is that it gives you 50-90 battle points in game just check your account its done!

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