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Netgear X6 Tri Band Wi-Fi Mesh Extender Available for Pre-Order


Netgear X6 Tri Band Wi-Fi Mesh Extender

The network company, Netgear that is helping so many households to power up has innovated a new product that is Netgear X6 Tri band wi-fi mesh extender. Using the FastLane3 technology, it can extend the facility of the Wi-Fi throughout the home without any interruption.

At 866Mbps and 5GHz capacity, it is capable of providing high speed to all the devices connected to it wirelessly. It is a new addition in the nighthawk family of extenders by the company.

The specializations:

  • Its a device that allows the uninterrupted flow of high speed data between the router and the extender.
  • The streaming capacity is so good even on the phone. The wi-fi can be connected with your phone through smart roaming. This feature makes it intelligent as optimal wi-fi connection is done between the mobile and the wi-fi that provides unbeatable connection.
  • Features like MUMIMO and Smart connect makes it the most demanding in the market and people who are tech lovers feel good by purchasing such a tech device. 
  • The other advantage is that it can be connected with any router and it is capable of increasing the Wi-Fi coverage to 2000 square feet.
  • With the simple pressing of a button the user can link all the devices with the mesh extender and get the connectivity which is super-fast, enhanced and unbreakable.
  • With the increasing issues of the security in the IT sector and continuous tampering cases coming up, Nighthawk decided to lead the way and it establishes a self-boot system. It allows the device to secure boot and connect with the other devices manufactured by Nightgear to experience 100% security with the seal and sign of the company.

All these features make it a new age extender and encourage the new generation to purchase it.

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